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Thank you!

Thank you for playing it and finally, someone else who understood the SCP foundation easter egg xD

Thank you for playing it, I enjoyed watching your video xD, There's another project we are currently working and we need a voice actor if you're interested :)

Thanks xD

Thank you


I'll check it out ;)

Thank you!

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Thank you for playing it :)

Thank you for your opinion!

We still do not have a date, the truth is we are going to work on another minigame and then continue with CARGO to have more ideas

Thanks for playing it!  Bad first day of work xD

Thank you, we will work on the game and do our best :)

Thanks for playing it! 

Thanks for your comment! and we will change that

Thanks! we worked on it

Thanks for playing the demo! 

Thanks for playing it!

Thank you very much, I just thought the same when I made the level, but for the demo I left it like that to know the opinion of the people, Thanks again!

Thanks :)

thanks for playing it!

Thanks, we will see to fix that, thanks for telling us your opinion!

Thanks for playing it!

 this game is fun :D

I'll check that out, thanks for pointing that out :)

Thank you :)