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A Short Hike community · Created a new topic Wonderful

Lovely peaceful game. Enjoying it a lot. Well worth buying

A great addition to a great game. Ironsworn was the first long form solo game I ever played. It sent ne in directions I had no idea I would go. 

This is an excellent way to go deeper into the game and play in environments you may not have thought to put your character in before. 

Highly recommend

Fantastic prompts. I had my friends using them to build NPCs for Godbound. Gave our characters some excellent depth. Making their later choice to sacrifice themselves to stop a God more poignant.

Highly recommend.

Delightful game that opens the imagination in interesting ways. 

Layout design is beautiful and the cover really helped evoke the idea of finding something once lost amongst nature.

Highly recommend

Wonderful game. Always an interesting writing prompt, looking at yourself through another's eyes, and this game takes it even further.

A good bonding day for you and your dog. 

Huge inspiration for me when deciding to write for the dog jam myself. 

I should have commented earlier. It deserves being recommended.

Wonderful game. So much so I even made my own hack. Should have commented long ago. Highly recommend buying this.

Beautiful and sad concept. Emotive to play. Well worth buying.

Great game. Loved the concept. Highly recommended.

Great book. Well laid out, intuitive, and fantastic art.

I gave copies to my first language learning group, when I was using D&D to help people practice language learning. They loved it.

This is a beautiful game and the inspiration for me to start making my own too. Have recommended to friends in my personal life often.

Easy to pick up and a great concept for solo play. 

That's great. I definitely may have seen too many dog movies for this haha. 

If i could hear the recording that would be fantastic. But definitely get the consent of all your players first. If you do get their consent you can send it to

Thank you for these comments by the way. They are very timely. I am just finishing up a new bigger game for release soon. 

That's amazing. The introduction of a pig is fantastic haha. This was my first attempt at putting together an rpg that wasn't full hack. Thank you for your comment.