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The game seems to have some promise! Gonna be watching it closely!

Pretty decent game! Enjoyed the retro vibe that it brought to the table! I only have one or two non positive things to say about it and those are pretty much the audio balancing felt off and all keyboard controls were super clunky to play with.

Other than that fantastic game and can’t wait to see the full release!

Fantastic game! Really loved the retro psx style it has and I can’t wait to see the full release!

Enjoyable experience my guys! Loved the theme you went for and it was really well done for the time it took!

Even though I knew I wasn’t getting out of there the atmosphere and buildup was excellently executed. Can’t wait to see your next work :D

It’s also been included as part of my Handful of horror series I do on occasion, so enjoy my panicked reactions!

Really enjoyable albeit creepy experience guys! A job well done, the echos of PT and liminal structure definitely got me, as well as the matching the time to my local time. Kinda spooked me and was a good touch!

If you wanna give the video a look here it is as part of my latest handful of horror!

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Fantastic and creepy game you have here mate! Some serious promise, wasn’t expecting the twist mid way through and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Included it as part of my Handful of Horror Series

Phenomenal demo! I had a few gripes with the camera filter (the vhs effect was way too heavy) but other than that it was really fun and I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Extremely cool game! Great job especially for 4 days! Had me suitably creeped yet curious to see more :D Feel sad for my AI friendo though :(

Great game. Spooked the hecc outta me :D Didn’t expect the twist too!

Well one thing’s for sure no matter how many games I play, I cannot drive in them. That is the true horror.

Great game guys!

Loved the game dudes! Was Actually fairly damn spooky!


Fantastic game sir! Cannot wait to see the full product in action!

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Solid game! Actually had me so beyond creeped that I forgot to even talk at times LMAO

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Came across this game through my recommendations! Actually a fantastic little indie game and all :D Enjoyed it guys!

Played it. Enjoyed it. Cried like a baby a lot. Game gives me huge event horizon and alien isolation vibes and I can't wait to see more from you guys :D