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Really enjoyable game! Loved the intense atmosphere that came especially during the nights! That deer was definitely the spookiest of them all, looking forward to what comes next!

Another fantastic and though provoking game! Loved it, crazy to see that it was made in 72 hours!

Brilliant little game! Had some interesting parts to it!

Really enjoyed this! Been a game i’ve been meaning to get around to for ages and glad i finally did! Can’t wait to see what’s next for it!

Enjoyable game! Really liked the short and to the point story as well as the puzzles! Can’t wait to see more :D

Really enjoyed this game dude! Actual great job, looking forward to what you do next!

Rather interesting little game! Enjoyed trying to figure out what was going on!

Another great game as expected! Looking forward to the third :D Thanks for your kind words on the video too ^^

Great little technical example of a game! Looking forward to see how your retro horror or otherwise endeavours go!

Amazing little game, played the crypt terror a while back and glad to see more in this world! Kind of wished it was a bit longer however!

Really enjoyable game, the overall story was actually terrifying to think about. Have yet to play your other games but after this definitely will be!

Loved the game! The overly complicated nature of the machine and figuring out were especially cool!

Great little game! Loved the retro vibe, kind of sad there was no way to escape even if we did our job to the letter xD

This was amazing, i really hope to see more of these small horror games, the audio especially was fantastic!

Interesting game you got here, enjoyed it for the most part with a few gripes i listed at the end! Great work for a gamejam game though looking forward to the next.

This was a very enjoyable demo. I am looking forward to this one for sure!

This was an unexpectedly interesting game! Rather enjoyed the having to sneak around in the dark and the overall atmosphere!

Amazing little game you got here mate, really looking forward to what’s next, loved the atmosphere and tense claustrophobic situations!

Good to hear! Speedrun ending by far xD

Definitely liked the idea of the speedrun ending!

Rather enjoyable game! Ending was kind of predictable but it was great none the less!

Vwry enjoyable little game! Looking forward to seeing how this concept gets fleshed out!

Phenomenal game you have here! Excited for the next chapter :D

Ayy rather enjoyable game! I rather liked the twist at the end too! Looking forward to delving into more of your games!

Ayo great game dude! Have heard of your games before but this is the first i’ve actually played. Making it a mission to get through them all now!

Great game as expected Rayll! I’m excited for the fourth!

Fantastic little game, and rather enjoyed. Looking forward to your next work guys!

Another phenomenal game. You’re really on a roll with these mike!

Interesting concept of a game, after seeing a few gameplay videos seems i missed a fair bit, but the atmostphere and tension building was pretty good. Wasn’t too keen on the way it felt the resources were draining faster and faster as you went on but other than that solid job! Looking forward to what you come up with next!

The game seems to have some promise! Gonna be watching it closely!

Pretty decent game! Enjoyed the retro vibe that it brought to the table! I only have one or two non positive things to say about it and those are pretty much the audio balancing felt off and all keyboard controls were super clunky to play with.

Other than that fantastic game and can’t wait to see the full release!

Enjoyable experience my guys! Loved the theme you went for and it was really well done for the time it took!

Even though I knew I wasn’t getting out of there the atmosphere and buildup was excellently executed. Can’t wait to see your next work :D

It’s also been included as part of my Handful of horror series I do on occasion, so enjoy my panicked reactions!

Really enjoyable albeit creepy experience guys! A job well done, the echos of PT and liminal structure definitely got me, as well as the matching the time to my local time. Kinda spooked me and was a good touch!

If you wanna give the video a look here it is as part of my latest handful of horror!

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Fantastic and creepy game you have here mate! Some serious promise, wasn’t expecting the twist mid way through and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Included it as part of my Handful of Horror Series

Phenomenal demo! I had a few gripes with the camera filter (the vhs effect was way too heavy) but other than that it was really fun and I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Extremely cool game! Great job especially for 4 days! Had me suitably creeped yet curious to see more :D Feel sad for my AI friendo though :(

Great game. Spooked the hecc outta me :D Didn’t expect the twist too!

Well one thing’s for sure no matter how many games I play, I cannot drive in them. That is the true horror.

Great game guys!