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I know basic html and that's it. It's a start I guess but ?I have a long way to go.

More detail is always better. Maybe I should stick with twine to force myself to learn javascript. I've tried and failed many times and this might tip the scales.

Robust how? I think I played some choice of games in the past.`

Before I got into this I hadn't realized how popular twine is. I'm really glad it's thriving though.

Anyone wanna discuss which platform they're using for their game? I'm using twine because I stink at art but I wanna know what everyone else is using.

Hello, Blackfang! Glad to meet you. People can call me Spat for short. I just found out about twine and my love of making text adventures so I'm very excited to enter this thriving community. I like to make little experiences and snippets of life for people to operate in.

I'm very excited to bring my concept for this jam to fruition.

Why not promote it a bit? I tried your games and they're pretty interesting. I think it's a good thing to deliver a nice piece of art to as many people as will enjoy it.

That's lame. But you gave ample time so here's hoping more than just you and me find this and participate.

Plenlogue Jam community · Created a new topic Hello!

Who's joined this jam so far? This is my first ever and I'm pretty intrigued by the premis.