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Thank you.  I've pleged on the kickstarter extension ($30 tier), so now I wait for a steam key to arrive within 3days.  Is that correct? =}

Hello? o.0

I appreciate your promptness.  Thank you.  I had already caved though, and have been playing for several hours now.  ^^

Lullaby Gardens community · Created a new topic Steam Key?

If I buy the game here, will it include a steam key upon launch?  Akin to similarly priced kickstarter packages??  Is this an equivalent?  If so, i'm buying it today.  If not.... we'll see...  "Extending" the kickstarter's an option too, no?  Thank you for your labor of love.  It could quickly become mine too, if things line up favorably for me @steam.  

Ah, how do I update my game via  Seems only Alpha 2.1 version available here, and experienced this very issue today... unfortunately. -.-

Nope, but fell thru the world mining, and got stuck.  Would be nice to have an "unstuck" command for such instances.  Hated losing all that loot - didn't even know we had access to some of the stuff I observed under there.  lol

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It could be more intuitive, but I catch them (right or wrong) by holding LMB, and moving my mouse in the direction the arrow flashes.  Kinda like taking tension off the line.  Caught 4 catfish that way.  2 were for Mars. ^^  Good luck!