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Such a cute little story and a lovely art style. I enjoyed the interactions with the villagers and the endings really made me think. It's a sweet little game that has so much potential. 

If you had/have more time, I'd suggest refining the conversations with villagers and giving them a little bit more dialogue, help to expand the story of the main character before the inciting incident. Great effort though! 

There's a small bug where the character doesn't move to the edge when you return home and a black cloud appears in Lee's place. Also, the controls are a little imprecise when you're flying home. Nothing major though :) 

I'm so excited for your game which I honestly would never have thought of playing had it not been for Free Game Planet. I loved the demo and I can't wait to see the rest of this game. 

You've got this! :D 

A sweet, fun game to play - it really hits the mark with its little message about mental health and feeling sad. Very well done! :D 

Congrats on your first game! Looking forward to more int eh future!