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Kira's grumpiness with stella's behavior almost made me chuckle inside, really looking forward to whatever there might be with these or part of the their family.

Love, that this game introduces so familiar yet different concepts into a one game with multiple difficulties as you progress on.

The amount of effort to make me feel bad about the mother and way she treated herself in the end, really damped the mood but never the less. It really made sense for a situation like this happening, RIP mom. Even though she's digital, I forgave her in the end of the game :)

Highest score I could get to was 37, wasn't easy to get on what you're suppose to do at first but it progressively gets easy once you get the hang of it

The most intriguing VN to ever play and also super cute with all the three endings OWO


Huh. So the game will release the second week of November which is fine, take your time making the game smooth and perfect, can't wait to see the new rivers, drains and more. I do have a trip to Germany in somewhere October 29th I'll be there until October 31st which is Halloween.

This is nice

the game was very fun as always a vidddeeeooo :D