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First play through and found some bugs. Using an Xbox controller, running while holding RT and pressing Y put me into some kind of 'out of body' fly mode, where I could zoom anywhere, including into the locked temple. Pressing A put me back into my body. Also, the game abruptly quit when I got back to my boat after retriving the idol, probably because i was fratically pressing the use button, thinking i would need to in order to actually get in the boat. Didn't get a good look at the monsters as I was busy fleeing for my life.

Second playthough worked fine. A more threating monster and something to add a little tension in the first part would help to improve the atmoshere.

Over all a well done first game. I hope you continue to create.

The game looks cool, and the concept is interesting. I really want to finish it, however the game is currenly unplayable for me. Within a few minutes, or getting too close to an agressive animal, the games slows to less than a snails pace. Changing the graffics to the lowest quality does not help.

I'm also pretty sure the attack is not supposed to be standing in front of me and jittering around.

Unfortunately I will have to shelve the game for now, but I will keep an eye out for updates.