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I loaded it up, and was instantly TALL in real life i'm sat down?

I couldn't reach any of the icons anyone else had this issue?

Hi Soulrender - hope all is well, I have made new patches to the demo.

On top of that, I am making some subtle changes and bug fixes in the demo, so their will be an patch update soon.
I'm wanting to overhaul the shops for a larger scope, and more, as I find the shop designs was part of an oringal small scoped idea, but the game grows with development and so i'm looking to enlarge them and make it more interesting.

That will be soon, I'm also looking at changing the battle mechanics or rather adding to it, to make it more intuitive/dynamic.
Thank you for playing, and commenting.

On release - The demo showcases half the first dungeon floor - I've finished the second half, and now onto a new floor with more dungeons and puzzles, in a new setting.

Fair and heard thank you.

Working on some bug fixes for the demo that currently stop the game in it's tracks. And other minor fixes. Looking to Add a low HP reminder, and restore points so players aren't traversing back and forth to the INN.

It's a diffcult mix of to much dialogue and too little...

There teenagers, there excited lol!
The point of placing the encounters is so that the EXP and the leveling is controlled with 10% player influence on leveling. For example.
You may or may not defeat the final Demo boss on your first try. This is the 10% differance. The players are heavily rewarded for exploring.
No fun being level 40 because you grinded slimes, to take out a boss in 1 hit? so thats why the encounters are controlled.

I will look into mobs on screen. If I feel I have enough resources, then sure why not.

Thank you for playing, The counters are planned not random. ( which is also not my cup of tea).
You are right the Scorpians are a tad on the harder side.. but that is the only unbalanced thing, of which I have since changed for the final build of the game. The Ui I feel could do with some clearance yes, currently looking into it.

The demo allows the player to seek all the mechanics in the game early on, and most will be seen in the dungeons.

The guild is optional.
Thank you for playing my Demo, I will take on  your feed back. I'm excited that you liked the characters, there is alot more to come from them.

I hope you can exlpore the town more, at your  own pace, It is designed  so that you can keep coming back to visit with changes based on player progression. ( ever evovling).

Thank you Harlekin!

I think I will i couldn't find a way to get back to floor 5 tho. 


After trying  the game, I love the idea layout for dungeon floor's, the world map is on the small side but there seems to have some interesting things going on, I liked the idea you can purchase properties ! I iked the wolf scene althought admittley it didn't go well for me at level 5.

The dungeon crawling aspect is nice, the action seqence is also nice.

I think the menu has, some good options turning action cam off was a good one for me after some time.

The world is plentiful of NPC's and life.

Some interiors are nice and spacious, making the world POP!

You can pick a class system, which is good and came with some nice graphics, however there is no way of telling what you can/cannot equip as I bought an AXE and then found out I couldn't use it. Perhaps it be better to remove these items based on, player class choice.

Enjoyed the overall exp. Sparky89

I believe it to be the case, but if there is anything I can try and solve my end I will. Try and re- download.

Here is another source.

Thank you MetsuG

Thank you for your reply, I'm currently looking into how this has occurred, I have re-downloaded the game and with others whom do not share the same issue.
I'm sorry this has occurred, I will get back to you if i find anything.

Thank you.