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I loved the soundtrack and the atmosphere, the characters were great, the design and the story, it deserves more recognition, very good work, it's not very long but it's worth it, I liked it a lot. 

Oh, that's very sad, the sound of his music felt calm and very gentle, I really liked that, sorry, I don't know him in a personal way, but I'm glad someone cared enough to save his music, I hope Pixel Beats is doing well wherever he is, sorry for  not having any useful clue

After I put the VHS in the microwave everything goes dark and then it won't let me do anything but pause and exit, there is the end or there is more a that its a bug?

By the way, to be honest I did get a little chuckle out of the game, I was a little restless and the silly things in the game made me relax a little, thanks.

Yei, thats nice

It's very bizarre...THAT'S WHY I LIKE IT, I've never seen a game with such a peculiar design, I think it's very original ^-^

It has a simple but nice design, I liked it at the time when I played it, but for some reason the download button is no longer available.

Its not my kind of game but I like it, it's really wholesome

I love the art design, the music works very well, the gameplay seems very comfortable to me and somehow a nostalgic feeling that remainds me when I play with my Nintendo Ds when I was a kid, I am exited to see how much the full game can offer, good work

I liked the music, in visual aspect it was cool, I like the bizarre design of the enemies, it may not be very long and complex but I must admit that I liked the atmosphere and personally I am glad that the puzzles were not very complicated (I'm not a big fan of puzzles)

Yep, the error has  been fixed, I will play it now

There is a small problem, it cannot be played since you did not upload the game files together with the executable, what you have to do is create a single file that contains everything and upload it, there are people who compress it and others who create a winrar , I've never worked with Rpg maker MV so I'm not sure but it's probably not very complicated, don't worry, it's a common mistake when you're new to this

Me gusto, el mapeado y la ambintacion eran agradables, el diseño de los personajes era lindo y los colores utilizados me gustaron mucho, el problema es que tiene muchos bugs, ahi partes del mapa donde no se si seria normal pisar, algunas misiones se completan solas, puedes sacar el final solo yendo hasta al frente sin hacer nada en especial (sin leer el historial de Xanen y sin tomar el arma) y al transportarte a la sala extra quedas atrapado en una estanteria, estaria muy bien arreglar esos bugs ya que el juego me parece muy bueno, tambien esta el problema con algunos dialogos que las palabras no caben en la caja de dialogo (tambien a mi me pasa seguido cuando hago juegos), pero en si apesar de eso pienso que es buen juego y estaria bien arreglar esos bugs precisamente por eso, bien hecho

I loved the game, the characters were great, the intriguing story and the aesthetics I found interesting, I was laughing almost all the time, I loved it, I loved the characters and their strange design, I can't wait to see the rest of the game, great job

I loved the calm atmosphere of the game, I did not understand very well what happened in the story but even so I find it interesting to see what else will be in this story to understand it better

It was short but fun, I liked some backgrounds and the art style was very good

It was very immersive and interesting, good job

Was pretty cool, it's very atmospheric and i love the graphics, the game was a bit hard but i enjoy it, good job

Me pareció interesante, lo malo es que los mapas están algo vacíos y la movilidad es muy lenta pero de todas formas lo seguí jugando hasta el final y me pareció algo interesante y entretenido(principalmente por que me recordó a algo raro que me ocurrió ayer), también algo bueno es algunos detalles en el mapeado y las voces, bien hecho ^-^