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iirc you can edit it if you wanna somemore! But congrats you did it!!

Yoh! its for sure an annual event, plenty of folks wanted to make it but just couldn't and i wanna give opportunities in the future. But also, for the next week if you want to submit it, just ping in the forum, ill open up submissions again. Im still extra proud of whatever you did!

so, quickest thing i can do is link this really really rad article talen wrote . It's probably the best summation of my advice. Personally i have found that writing a REALLY bare bones summary and beefing that up helps with length. Mines not up yet but i went from having aground 5k near the end of the plot of my LN to around 9. Get the story down and worry about detail later!

hey hey! here's a thread to help you find pals to work with! 

Keep it nice!

Hey hey!!! we are live. if you need a place to collab or wanna look for people to team up with, this is the place. Considering the public nature of the jam, im not sure if i will open up a discord, but for now! lets do our best together. If you have trouble with anything, hit either me or basaliska up and we will do what we can to make it right.