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No matter how many times I play through this game, it always ends with the same result.  It also seems that there are many characters that I never even meet.   Would love some advice on how to get some different scenes/routes going on this.

Strange thing...I downloaded the update on the desktop app, opened the game, started a brand new game, and yet it still ended at the same place it did before.  When he spotted the doc in that hallway and panicked. I've confirmed I have the 1.1 version downloaded, but the "About" section of the game shows 1.0.  No idea what's going on there.  Going to try downloading the zip file and trying that way.

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Hi hi!  New to the game, and loving it so far!  However, I can't figure out how to get the key in the dungeon.  I know it's said that Night Vision is required, but I have that skill and nothing happens.  Is there a skill that protects me from the thin air trap?


Hello!  I need help.  I am following the Karl guide exactly as it is written in the Dead Dating Guide APP Lite but I can't seem to get the "HJevent" to play out no matter what, he just says go to bed.  What am I doing wrong?  Is there a step missing from the guide?  Will a more comprehensive guide be released at some point in the future?

Hi!  No, that won't deter me at all!  As long as you are responsive to questions and provide updates along the way, that's all I need to stay happy! :-)


Looking at the description and images, I am very intrigued by and interested in this game.  I've been tempted to spend the $20 and just buy it, but there is one thing that's stopping me.  The game description states it is currently 75% complete, yet there has been no Dev Log update since 2020.  This is not very reassuring and is preventing me from going through with the purchase.  Do you have any kind of an update you can provide?

Based on your description of this game above, this is not a "Boys Love" game.  So please explain what about the game would lead you to add a "Boys Love" tag to the page here?

Hi!  I just purchased the game today, but nothing is happening after getting the fox to 4 stars.  You mentioned an update would be coming out this past Friday - has that changed, or was that only for Patreon?