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having an issue with the browser demo where the game seems to be running at a way faster speed than the trailer. i noticed this when i was unable to succesfully use the double jump because you fall too fast to input it

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okay so i'm not sure if this is the fault of this plugin or the dpi settings i messed with but even after trying to uninstall it and revert my settings it was still broken. i uninstalled and reinstalled pdn and now even that wont work because it hits a fatal error in the installation process that i dont know how to fix. moral of the story: if you need to mess with your computer settings to get this plugin to work, don't.

kind of disappointing honestly. the program itself is fine, but the interface is messed up on my laptop. i tried the fix listed in the comments with changing the dpi settings but it just makes the rest of the program messed up in different ways :/