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the ending was definitely quite something

i think theres a bug in the trap obstacle course.  i keep getting sandwitched between two walls of flames and cant do anything else except getting forcex to restart that one part

so whats the difference between the graphless and no night?

how do i buy this? paypal is only option but it says you dont accept paypal at the moment. anythign happening?

i think google play version is broken. it wont install/


how do you install this?

cute and simple.

will this be moddable?

doesnt want to acknowledge cancelling part placement

so i hear that this is what the backrooms was originally meant to be before they started adding entities

i miss myspace

never did like facebook because it just wasnt customizable like myspace

okay if i understand this right, the purple thing give instructions, while the white thing is printing out specific requests?

never apologize for honesty

criticism is needed to learn

goes too fast at later stages for me to really do anything

im reminded of the chao garden from sonic adventures games