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it would be fun to have a easy and randomly generated ones but that seems a bit too hard... this was a great game, reminds me of strong pill

now thats a new build! cleaver and mini shields!

wait what they added the lil buckler's friend!? awesome. a new goal to achieve 

Now I wish I bought a whole bunch of those friend packs to help those in the comments who missed it but I dont have the money :p

so the game can increase in value

Can't wait to have a town!

bought full and love it

damn thats fast.

didnt work but seems fun!

Today it stopped working.

pombo is a fridge! pombo is a ninja! pombo is a wyvern! wait what. 

I <3 pombo

yea you can just upgrade only attk and win.

was gonna make a long over complicated version of your reply but it would be a waste of time

nice, pickaxe is really good.

and like 90% buy if not on browser anyway

tis a bit expensive

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I hope this gets/is successful! I will be sad when I need to pay for full, This is one of 2 offline games (you can click start game when connected to internet and then play offline) I like to play on the way to/from/during school.

edit: to be honest I would love to buy it but the real problem is with downloading it so if you had something you could pay and play full version on a browser I would love it.

another edit: just checked the kickstarter and am surprised how the full game will be and now would 100% buy if full game was accessible on browser 

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it also had 7 whisps

*sees someone else got 144*

look at that reload speed, i had like 1fps

what if they dont want to give you money to spend on a video game.

broken after new update but i love the part added in update

hope bug get fix soon!

now try to beat the reaper.

in the full game it gives you a new character.

They might not have payment methods =/

they might not have payment methods. don't be a dick to kids online.

this is a play store ;)

thats the end of the trial =/

whats to the right of the duplicator  in collection?

yep... upgrade your luck for a chance at another blank spot!


i hope i don't get muted

I had a dream i could spam the code and get infinite gold.

too bad it was just a dream *tries to get infinite gold*

np, my friend and i watch naughty vids an school and were under 13.

Can you make a mobile version eventuially? 

if im bored i just grab my good mouse and play this

hmm this seems cool

at the start make the stuff u have equipped have one wepon to move with one protection that attacks then one main attack

i use paper to move lum tube to protec and light bulb to attac

paper gets replaced with water lily when possible

nooooo i died on final gauntlet at the very end just 1 creature left

is it FINAL? 

and i have water lily light bulb and lum tube

its really good for the ones with blue creatures