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this sugarcube?

i bought the game and it wont run, it keeps popping up an error code and nothing ive tried works, no one in the comments seems to have this issue. could i get some assistance

im havin an issue where i load into the game, the camera is by her legs and just orbiting and my mouse does nothing but left and right click

awesome, idk much about coding but i hope this new system if more efficient than the old one. i hope it makes the game run better. (I wonder if it has to do seqential checks for info or code and that this new system can do it better and faster)

welp it was at least a hope

could someone make a performance mod to help it run on older computers. i use a toshiba satalite windows 7 laptop and it cant run the game past the loading screen

could you add a fullscreen button in the combat screen? it lags on my pc long enough for chrome to think its not responding when i enter combat, so it keeps kicking me out of fullscreen.

I saw a comment that you replied to. in ero witches you could skip dungeons, you said that it would be added eventually. the comment is on the games main page

could i get an  eta on the skip feature, also none of m devices except my chromebook (browser only, which takes forever to load and has alot of lag) my only other device is a windows 7 and crashes the very second i try to load the game.

the cursor disappears after the game loads and some button assets are cut off, ive tried redownloading the game but it happened again. does anyone have a solution or tell me how to find saves in file exploror so i can try deleting my saves.

I lost the file for it

1-The ability to undress as long as you have the veteran exhibitionist title

2-A way to carry over items from one dungeon to another

3-Keep clothes earned in dungeons

4-Make the chastity dungeon a bit easier,  the debuffs are too difficult as is. (Or a difficulty slider)

5-Video settings like, max FPS, Resolution, Quality (Very low, Low, Medium, High)

6-The ability to disable battle animations

I at least want the video options because it doesn't run too well on 3 of my laptops.

 IT WORKS NOW, Thank you so fukin much.

im not good with that so can you break it down so i know how to do that

I get the key holder choice but the event wont start when I have sex, or so thats what i heard is supposed to happen

ive changed them out but even when its just the expanded sex and chastity belt mods it keeps saying there are no errors but some problems have occured as well as a long list

i doid but get a lot of "these are not errors"

How to find/use chastity cage or does it not work on the current version  of strive,

when will Cassie and belles dialogue be finished 

Anything about further transformation

Hey dude can you add play in browser?

awesome, pls update me or something when it's about to release out of patreon

Could you add a chastity cage for male characters?

I sort most of my games by character customization because I like adding cute or exposed clothing because you can't be as open with underwear in most Normal games 

Wardrobe or character customization?

Any idea when the next update is???

whats the eta on that?

When is the next update?????????????

add a little more time before she returns or make things need less time and that should do because after the first task i cant complete them fully only start the fire and clean room and sweep but dusting is always left

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I looked at the code and have incorporated some elements into mine such as the wardrobe because i cant figure out the change button so could you explain that?

also if this was your first time making a simple game could you give me links to what you used to learn?

please do

could you give me examples of how to link it o a button and different uses of he if command? it keep saying <<if>> macro cannot be found

Understood, thanks for replying!! 8-)

Ok i got sugarcube to work but im struggling with a command. CAN YOU HELP ME?

its supposed to do this

if you set $gender to "girl" set $feminine to "10"

and if you set $gender to "Boy" set $masculine to "10"

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Im taking your code to make my game because i have no fukin idea how to do it myself (For inventory and other things but not story or images as those are considered copyright)

edit: holy shit theres so much here! how am i gonna sort through it all?!!