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It means Run Time Package. In this case it's the default assets that came with RPG Maker, and even though I don't really use any of them in this game I still haven't been able to make it run without needing it.

Basically, if you don't know what it is you probably need to download the version that has it, haha.

Obrigada! :D

While it is true that RPG Maker is limited, you just need to get creative with it! Basically I'd say know what you want to do with it and then start searching scripts that can help you achieve it (google is my best friend with this). If you're familiar with scripting and the engine's language you can do wonders with it, but if you're like me and only know some of it, you can probably try modifying existing scripts to do what you want. I don't really know any tutorials (I'm more of a learn by example kind of person, so all the modifying of the scripts I did were done by trial and error), but if you're looking for scripts I recommend starting with Yanfly, Yami, Himeworks, Galv and others (seriously, google is all you need friend), they have a vast selection of scripts that are, for the most part, free to use!

Thank you again and good luck with the game jam!

(PS: Yeah but those are in dollars isn't it? If you convert them to my local currency weeeeell it's not that cheap, plus shipping is a pain. I would need to find them in a physical store for me to buy haha i cry)

Thank you so much! I wish I had a physical copy of one of his works, but I just can't find them no matter where I look, haha

RPG Maker can do some great things, far more than most people give it credit for! There are limitations, sure, especially considering how easy it is to use, but you just need a little creativity and the right scripts (most of which you can find on the internet) to break from the traditional RPG formula it was made of and do something different.

If you already have Ace, you should have the RTP too! So you can download the version without the RTP and just play it from there, without needing to do anything else c:

Haha yes, that would be the bad bad ending :> Thank you!

I've uploaded a new version of the game, and you can download the version that includes the RTP! Feel free to contact me again if you find any more problems c:

Apologies for the delay! I've uploaded a new version of the game, and you can try downloading the RTP version (it includes the RPG Maker VX Ace's RTP) which might fix your problem.

Does it show some kind of error message, or something? I haven't had anyone come to me about not being able to run the game, aside from one person who couldn't extract the .rar which was probably caused by a corrupted download. I can't help unless I know about the specifics D:

See here! (Because I can't seem to be able to hide spoilers in here)