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Heita! Thank you for the feedback we had a lot of fun researching (Watched a lot of twerking videos) and making this lol. We are currently working on the project and have included the other character and improved on the movement and physics in the latest build which is currently up. I guess this will be a good opportunity to try out the farting upwards and making variations to how the player collects the coins. 

Ey man its a funny story we spent some time on researching the origins of Twerking and we found that it originates from West Africa and it is used to praise and worship God and the ancestors and to celebrate life and death (Not intended for sexualization ). We developed a world and a society of Buttopians, a alien race who's status symbol is determined by the size of the butts, the bigger the butt the more "favored" you are by God.  What you see in the game is like  a game show where the Buttopians compete to get money to pay for designer farts, accessories and BBL's (Brazilian Butt Lifts).  We didnt plan to have so many coins but because we ran out of time to include an HUD that indicates the checkpoints, so the coins served as a substitute for that. I guess its safe to say the the whole lottery system happen by chance sort of like the Big Bang lol. 

Thank you for taking the time to play our game and for giving us your feedback. I'd like to leave you with the Buttopians a declaration from the Buttopians which reads 'All Butts are made equal by God'.

Thanks @Robdry1, the mobile version will be coming soon excited to see how people will respond to this build. Just uploaded and its available  for download for all you Apple Users ;)