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Space Otter

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Hi there! Thanks for trying out my game, sorry it didn't work out! You actually managed to find two bugs in one there, so great job! The game should now both be sized correctly and also let you respawn when you die. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for spotting that! I was messing around with how the customers talked and guess I forgot to switch something back before uploading. Should (hopefully) be fixed now. 

Cool concept, but a really challenging game. Didn't manage to get very far at all

Really nice artwork and love the sound effects!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it 

An awesome little game! Smooth animations for grid systems is something I could never figure out but you've absolutely nailed it. Really good potential as a game, nice work! The only thing I could think that might be nice to add (and i have to stress your game works fine without it) is some more complex pathfinding for the hunters. But like I've said already, great work!

Thanks so much! It really means a lot to get such lovely feedback, so happy you enjoyed my game <3

Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

Very cool concept & fun to play. Might be nice to see some smarter AI perhaps and possibly some music, but apart from that nicely done! 

Cool little game, but jumping seems to not always work in the non-mirror world and the hitboxes are a little off for some enemies (I get that you're meant to play all of the levels in only the mirror world but I like to set myself arbitrary challenges ;P). Would also be nice if you moved with the platforms instead of running to keep up but that's just me being picky.