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Thanks for playing! It took me 6 months to figure it out so you're a quick learner ;)

Island Adventure is an adventure puzzle game and a sequel to Nono Pixie but I realize I have not updated that information there :) I will think of something.

It will be digital of course! The d64 is just the file format (disk) as opposed to crt (cartridge). Island Adventure info is here:

this is going to be the floppy version, I am currently focusing more on Island Adventure but occasionally updating this version until Island Adventure is done. Preview updates are released occasionally! The cartridge version I am talking about is more of a sequel to allow for more animation frames.

Thanks for playing! I've shared your comment with the composer as well :)

It was a tricky game to get playable but I am really happy with the co-op slow-stress puzzle result and hoping to make something like it in the future!

Thanks! Unfortunately there is no save as this game was created to run on a 16kb cartridge without a save feature and I didn't want to rely on a disk drive as well. But if you remember the last level you played you can at least start directly on that level the next time! I'll try to do more save support in future games :)

I think I know what you're talking about and tha twould be funny too - it is a slightly different take on the same idea ;) 

Thanks! Hoping to keep it up :)

Thanks! I'll keep going :)

Ha! It will get there Chris, and I will have a lot of fun getting there!

Here's a video of the map editor in action:

Getting closer to the starting point! The map editor is usable already, as is some map tiles and test animations so it looks like I can hit the ground running when this project starts! The map editor will be released as open source right away  in case anyone wants to try it out.

Good to know! Will provide an update quite soon :)

We will see how far I get starting a new game in one week! Since I'm working I'm allowing some doodling and planning ahead of the start date.

Thanks for the update! Maybe it is worth developing the game idea further in the future, but voters may also just be approving the title screen and music that was added in that version :)

I decided against sound effects for this game because with two players doing things at the same time and chains being a big part it would need more than 3 channels to sound right, but even if I limited it to one channel I wasn't happy with the repetition of sounds I was able to create. I think the lack of sound effects emphasizes the sense of being in space as well. 

But point well taken, I'll make sound effects a priority for future games!

I don't expect an update to be counted in the competition anyway, I don't really mind though, this was about creating something new and getting more people to try it. It was really fun to explore the issues with designing a match 3 game with co-op and music / load screen will just be something to make the product feel finished :)

I will give the composer a gentle nudge :) Summer messes a bit with plans.  Not quite done with the intro myself.

Sounds good, download again and give it a try!

Thanks! Magical Drop is probably my favorite match 3 game, and hoping I can add my own twist to these games. I'm really looking forward to Puzzle Bobble as well, it looks really promising. Now all I need to do is to finish this game before the jam is over :)

Absolutely :) The music is on the way!

Well, I also want the game to work with the c64 mini, so controls need to work with just joystick, and my solution for that is double clicking fire to set X on empty, or ? on filled, keep fire down and move stick to set multiple. For consistence I'll also try to support holding X or V while moving the cursor to set multiple. Turns out left shift + fire is a ghost key, so if any other kb solution causes ghost keys causing other effects I won't be able to...

Thanks for giving the game a try! I'm still working to improve joystick controls, which is surprisingly cumbersome compared to mouse and keyboard and I'll look at more ways to improve setting x's :)