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Space Fractal

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I can say the same here as above. The rift controller maps shown does not match the regular mapping at all (which all does fell nicely). The only that does not work is snapturn that could been mapped to the right stick.

this is feature that could been reimplemened again, eventuelly as a F1 option (player can either disable or enable it). Howover its a cool game and cool use of multiplexed sprites. Just purchased the game.

Version v1.1 is the LowRes Jam version and you should vote after that version. Its was submitted 5 days before deadline.

Version v1.2 is a updated fixed version. its still have 25 screens and the gameplay is not changed, but im tweeked on 2 screens, possible to start on any day screen (night screens is still required to complete all day screens), and you now have 5 lives instead of 3.

This is a simple platform action game, based on a old Commodore 64 game, here using with Fairchild F Palette colors in of course true 64x64 pixels limit.

So its a very old school platformer, created in glbasic ( in few days.

For me the difficulty is pretty much too high and im got killed af lots (mostly by the robots), but the game its self is cool and nice.

But rather than change the difficulty, you could let the player choice by the starting of the number of stars in the beginning as a option (3,5,7 or 9), until the player got experimented for the game. Property the easiest way to do that.

Its the first locomotion game im have played (rather than teleport), its a great game to learn that if you ask me.

Also im also confirm its works pretty much perfectly with Rift & Touch, as only the instructions in the beginning require changed to the touch controllers (as all ready wrote in game). No button remapping fells required.