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Awesome news, thanks so much. Likewise myself and absolutely will do !

Hey there Cryptic Hybrid!

Thank you so much for playing the demo for my game, I'm super glad you enjoyed playing it and I loved listening to your commentary, I hope to have a much further updated demo build in the next few days so keep a look out for that! If you'd like to follow along on progress of the game you can follow me on twitter @XYTOGame .

Thanks so much again!

thank you so much for playing! I really appreciate the feedback and constructive criticism! There’s a lot of work to do I’m aware hah! I’ll be updating it over the next few days so stay tuned, there’s indeed some unbaked fonts not coming through to the final build I apologize. I couldn’t quite understand the second point but I’m very glad you liked the animations! I’ve definitely got to sort out those keybinds, bare with me but thanks for letting me know! I’ve had a lot of feedback regarding the faded background being mistaken for foreground so that’s going to be worked on! The pills will be the games’ main pickup item throughout the game similar to Mario’s coins or sonics rings, I understand where you’re coming from though so I’ll look into their visuals and try to enhance them a bit. I do agree with the combat system and it has taken a lot of reworks now I think it’s fine tuning which will pull it together so I’ll be getting in that. Thank you so much for playing! You can also follow me on Twitter @XYTOGame for weekly-ish updates! :)