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thank you, i will never look at a tamagotchi the same    ! not mad abt it tho

y'all made a F R E E game that's this good??? absolute power move, love you guys

L E G E N D A R Y game

awesome game! i'm literally the worst with computers but i . felt smart for navigating this fake computer system about italian food!!! just really satisfying plus a little unnerving at the end, so... congrats!!!

o m g love this! reminds me a lot of being in high school n not just because of my secret homestuck obsession in the tenth grade. can't believe you made this in a week bruh, i made a game once and its literally so bad its only redeeming factor is . nothing. but this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

god bless y'all

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I loved this game. After a traumatic event, sometimes your body no longer feels like your own and it's easier to make up excuses, rather than face the truth, to protect yourself. Super well thought out and hard hitting for your fairly straightforward point and click vidya game. <3

Oh, but Johann can choke.

I really enjoyed this game, it puts a lot of points that I often try to make about wealth into perspective -- like just how much the world could be improved if the upper class did literally anything. It's delivered in a kind of offhand style that keeps it just lighthearted enough to (hopefully) help educate players on how the current economic system is flawed. I feel kinda silly writing a serious review for a twine game about Jeff Bezos but. such is life.

love u honey!!