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Art and music was absolutely on point, it felt production quality and I loved it. Character creation was also awesome, but like many people I had trouble with figuring out where I could walk, or what platform level an item was sitting on. Amazing game though, really enjoyed it!

Loving this game, the concept is fantastic. Three things I would recommend. One is the obvious one: multiplayer, it would be great to run around eating up neutral armies and then attacking each other's armies. Two, having multiple sides that can attack each other as well as you would make this game just about 10 times better than it already is. Being able to play sides off of each other or try to balance them so one doesn't become too overpowered and destroy you would be tons of fun. Last, is to make it easier to come back after losing most of your units. As it stands it's almost impossible, but everybody loves a good "comeback kid" story and this game seems ripe to make them.

Obviously you don't need to listen to what I say but thanks for making a rad game!