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No idea, mate. Honestly I'd just click buttons until stuff happens in games like this. Memorize what butons do what ect ect...

Hey, question, How do you reset keybinds?

got to the end. My mission of 100% of plantlife going extinct and starting a new extinction was successful. I also succeeded in beriding myself of my own livelyhood :) 

thanks! I got the regular game reset through struggling and different methods.

but where though, I can't find it even wiht an autoclicker

hey, question, When do you get the ability to sacrifice cards? my run has slowed and I can't find the reset button.

no... NOOOO I JSUT GOT OUTTA HEREEE! (insert the PVz 'NOOOOO' sfx here)

Eh, I'm new to it (relatively, I've been streaming for almost a year now...) but it's cool that you put so much effort into finding an easier way to contact me! I'd love to stream itch games but I currently don't have a proper setup for streaming on my PC.
Your also welcome to join stream as a viewer, I'm extremely lonely cause nobody uses chat- or at least not often enough for me to have consistant interactions to keep new viewers interested.

yes, this is kinda for me, but at the same time (prolly not true) you could have some entertainment from my inevitable screaming and running away from a terrifying entity in Subnautica (I'm a clown, I know...).
Then again, it's up to you. Your more than likely extremely busy with developing your game and what-not, but you are welcome to drop in if you have a chance or want to. 


Hey! I already gave you feedback in my review- and I should also thank you for finding my stream and letting me know! Sorry I didn't acknowledge your message, I think my CTS (Comments/chat to speech) was bugged or off. 
Also, just curious, How did you find my twitch? Did I link it to my itch? 

And yeah np! I hope this helps you, duder!

oh. Mb.

huh. Well, then, I don't know if you'd get a quick response or not but i'm sure you could message or contact teh dev in some way to ask about it. Sorry my info isn't useful to you. Best of luck, dude!

You technically could if you were to download the game on steam. all- or most, i believe- games have an update history, and you can download every version individually. I don't know how to do it on Itch.IO, but I'm sure it'd be possible.

Keep playing and you'll see what real damage is... if you think 41 is alot... wellll... you'll see : )

Black mana stone? I've never seen that before.  Is that like a legendary/rare verson of the manastone, or is it some sort of condition to be able to get it (I.E certain enemy defeated has a [insert percentage]% chance of dropping black manastone)

Both have most of the same enemies, save for the bramble.
The Crow (That's not the actual name...) is a harder enemy and, if that route is chosen, it would be your first encounter with an enemy that can dodge.
In the full game, judging by it's sprite description, The Crow will be able to 'steal' items in your inventory.
 There are 2 unique bosses on this floor(two for each floor, I belive.) but I've yet to reach it. I'll reply again once I've gotten the names of the 'new' enemies and bosses. 

There're is one unique item in the bramble, there's probably more but i havent found them yet. It's the ramming sheild. It deals damage for each AP/SP (armor/sheild point) you have, at the cost of you losing half of your AP/SP total. 
Now you have a reason to use hercule pivase!!

If you can manage to get the right items or be lucky, I'd say cleaver start with ductape would be good, use one energy for 100+ damage (Not counting modifiers, upgrades, ect.) x3 on its own is great, but coupling that with a few energy items and upgrades you could do like 700+ damage a turn! ofc this is all estimation cause it's alot of work to get the cleavers themselves, not to mention the surplus effort to get the ducktape.

Going along with Saltine404's comment, due to the fact you need to be at least windows 10, I belive. The devs could change the ops system, but it would also leave vunerabilities for bad code and malware to enter undetected and for your (and their) processes, servers, and so on to be attacked easily.

It may be a client side glitch, I've never got this before. What software do you run the game on? Er, rather, do you have it downloaded or are you on web. If your on web you may have to just wipe the cookies on the page and reload. If it's downloaded I'd try deleting the game and retrying. And yes I know It's frustrating to lose all the work you put in... But if you have it  downloaded you could easily copy the save file or files into another folder elsewhere, re-download the game and just replace the files. Idk if ANY of this will help but It's here...

Suggestion about the uselessness of the zoom feature; It only works/shows once you have the upgrade within that view, zoom 2 would be satalites, 3 would be moon or meteors/comets, 4 and 5 would be the dyson sphere. Another thing is maybe add 'missions' or goals to reach for bonuses (like, for example, you would be able to set a destenation for your rockets/a rocket and do something to what you chose that could boost your satalites, clicks, ect.). Just to give the player something to do besides click constantly.

That'll be useful! do you ahve an official update release date yet, or are you still in the production phase?

You've got that right.

I guess it's an acronym of some sort.

Extremely frustrating when starting on stage 2. Very little explantion and hard to understand until you wait days and days just to get the radiative upgrades to reset it all.

No idea, It may be an embedding issue or file type issue, I con't post images either. Do you get an error message that says "Character limit reached" or something?

basically the two rows/collumns it's in gives it boost, like how with a normal arrow it says; "when empty space below (while arrow is facing down), add +#" 

It does that but for both the rows it is in.

They'll git'chu.

With luck, it decreases the chance of finding common items while increasing the chance of rare-er items. It takes a bit to get to a point where you can both be extremely lucky and still ahve enough space in your bag for other items. 

The lucky dagger + angler fish + 2-4 luck rings seems to give you a relative chance of 75% rare and up. :) 

And yes, It stacks.

yeah. It's hard. Take The binding Of Isacc's difficulty, take the randomness of the "take me to a random website" site, and add in the combat of a (amazingly good, polished and true-to-the-ads) mobile game, and then multiply it by about 2.63.

oh, and add in a bit of rage from Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy. There you go. 

...Or you could just say it instead of wasting his time by responding to your comment. He's busy, dude. He's putting hours and hours of his time into the game and he'd probably want to know this bug without having to waste time on this. I'm not trying to come off as mean I'm just trying to say that it's inconvineint for him aswell as those who want a cleaner game without any game-breaking exploits or glitches.

keep playing the game.

mf may be drunk but he still kicks hella ass. 
Good build, only thing I think could improve dmg wise would be a gem that gives damage for weapons in the column. (I think it's paradot? idk it's a green gem...) Putting it to the left of belt of knives would give you a small boost to the damage of your empty cups, though I don't know what your stats are/were so you were probably well built.

I've got a question. What's the %chance for the fox to just give you the Fox Raiper (is that how you spell it? oh gosh-) when you choose the "I'm a foe!" option? I had it happen once {no screenshots, sorry. Also won't let me post a picture for whatever reason, says something about character limit.} and was wondering if it was like a super extremely mega ultra rare thing.

Congrats!!!! :)

Now comes the hard part; Not dying. Or getting bored of a loadout. Gl buddy.

You may have an update waiting, or you may have to restart your chromebook; I myself am using a school chromebook from my college and that seemed to fix the issue (restarting it, I mean.). I think it has to do with when you close the chromebook it goes to sleep and doesnt turn off, so after awhile the small automated updates that come out once or twice a month (maybe more) don't get installed automatically like it would on a regular PC.

Congrats on the kickstarter finale! I'm dissapointed I was unable to donate due to my fairly busy scedule (and the rediculous gas prices atm.), but I am extremely exited to get the true/final draft going! (I say that like i'm working on it, calrification for other readers; I'm not.) I was wondering if you guys have a *hopeful* prediction of what the final game will cost, and if you do whether or not your going to be sharing it soon. 
Happy programming!

oh! good to know, and thanks! I would also like to ask; is the map system/generation based on the binding of issac? it reminds me of it alot, minus the "free roam" rooms. Again, It's really cool, and thanks :) 
I hope you have a good development process, I know it can get stressful. 
I have been compiling a data chart on your game, and I'd like to know your personal opinion;
What's your favorite loadout you've had/tried? (if you have, As I know your more than likely very, very busy.)

This is the most active comment section I've ever seen. I- I don't even think that youtube has such an active and wholesome comment section. either way, What's the highest you've gotten to? what was your loadout/best item? (if you can remember..) Genuinely curious about what the "best" loadout would be aswell, Any synergies I should know about? 

Oh, that's neat! thank you- guys? idk anymore... - ! your feedback will help alot! Anyway, is there a legendary consumable? I know armor, weapons, and accesories have legendaries and I would like to know if there's a legendary consumable. If there is, what is it?

Wow, that was an extremely fast reply.
And hey, that's good to know. Will there be any sort of "lore" between characters and the world? like the main (current) character is like a cheesemonger looking for new cheeses sorta deal.
Also, a suggestion;
secret rooms that can be found with a special item (I.E a special map, key, ect.) that would be classed as or higher than legendary. The loot in the secret rooms are (or would be most usually...) exellent, and perhaps might contain a relic or weapon that is usually found elsewhere or obtained in a specific way (such as the Fox Raiper). Perhaps it contains a secret passage to go to another area [like the swamp area.]

Anywho, take it or leave it, your game is amazing  and I love where you are and where you will take it. I would gladly pay a chunk of money to buy this game. Also, if I may ask, How much will the final game be?