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Its just like life IRL. You die.

Then... you must...the must.....

yeah, it is a pain, but from the current 'formula' that I have and the game has, It'll get faster sooner rather than later. 

NEat! sorry I missed the launch day. I'll check it out! soon... eventually... :)

Payout, efficiency, abundance, ect ect. 

Hey, Im on a chromebook and I can't see some things, like the rock, different backgrounds, or the images for the workers/upgrades. I got reset recently, but I was planning to wipe on new update anyway, so no biggie.

THanks! I figured that out soon after, and I totally forgot to edit my response, but thanks! 
Also, Is the steam verson free or is it over 20$? I'd be willing to pay over buth to support development and to get more content thatn whats featured here, but I'm kiinda hoping that it's -20
Great game! I'll change the rating (if not now, eventually..)

How do I exit a screen once im on full screen? esc works but I can't play full screen if I can't rebind the 'close menu' key to something else. Extremely inconvinient for me.
Controls menu also mentions nothing of a exit menu, nor does anything else work. Game has potential, but this single thing -reloaded about 3 times just to get out of a menu, thank god i didn't make any progress cause it just put me at the start again- ruined it. 
I'd try and play, but as I mentioned before, I can't rebind hotkeys. If you have that button please tell me, because the game seems interesting and well-developed, but I can't even start because of this issue. Thank you.

intentThis how you play right?

Can't wait! :)

Wish there were mroe upgrades, or some unlockable upgrades via depth, specific achievements, or even by using drillion. Kinda gets monotonous going back and fourth between selling and upgrading then getting drillion coin then grinding to upgrade, so on and so on. 
I also wish the forge, burger stand, market, recycle centre, and auction house had mroe upgrades, more specifically.

Forge can still take a helluva long time, and especially so with mixing. I also kinda wish you could upgrade the ammount you can put into each slot, either would work.

Burger stand doesn't seem that lucrative later in the game, more like an option if you feel like making a few bucks or if your going to start a drill from scratch. 

The market can be a bit monotonous, so I'd look for making an upgrade that increases the chance for prices in teh stock/farmers market to increase or stay the same, and going with that, I also wish there was another upgrade that would increase the chance for a contract to have a special or extra reward- with that, another upgrade that could add more items to a request (instead of one item with a certain ammount, two items with a lower time limit but with much greater reward). It'd make it a bit more interesting if you could also pick a certain company to sell to, each giving you a different requirement for a reward (perhaps blueprints for drill pieces...) or, like in another game, the more you favor one company the higher the prices or rewards for that one company. Maybe even a way to spend your reputation points too.

Recycle centre could do with more upgrades that deal with decreasing time, and aswell as the guide; It's confusing what the achivements and stats want for items, because in the help menu for the recycles, it jsut talks about putting 'trash items' in and getting an output.

Auction house should have its own upgrade menu, perhaps having more upgrades for price increases or tax decreases, premium decreases, so on so fourth. 

On a side note, I love this game, and I love your 8-bit style with this game and with simple/er space. I love both games and both are fun, but this one in particular can do with some love and a bit of polish.

Keep up your work! 

Congratulations, average viewer curiously reading my comment, you've reached the end! you can scroll away now, happily fufilled you read 1,000 or more words in a few minutes (probably). 

it may be your internet, browser, the computer itself, or even just your software. I don't own the game, but usually when a game on a site crashes it tends to be one of the four mentioned previously. 

Mixing the two is even better. You can idle/have it idle while you work or while your away and when you get back you can upgrade all of the things.

good to know. Also, on the graveyard area (and in acouple of other areas too) there's this dark green 'moss' that crosses the path. It kinda reminds me of seeing a tree canopy from the top of a mountain.

(1 edit)

cool! looking forward to it! also, i'm sure your aware, but some of teh borders are broken, especially in the ruin(s) area.  it's nothing where you die or anything, but more where you can just get lost off-screen.
I love the story content, too! I was kinda expecting the old craftsamn to be 'ressurected' by something from the ruins (I.E he died and was brought to life) and had an even worse vengance, but this is sooo much better! kinda exited to see what the ruins will do later.

Edit: What's the best item for metal, as of tier one tiems/research? 100 metal is alot for how fast the smelters work as of now and haven't gotten the metal or the gold research done so I can hoard ores and get mroe smelters to smelt more than one metal ect ect
Is there a better way of getting metal than ores or cans?

(P.S, I figured out the riddle. Nice hiding trick. been scrounching around all the riddle areas for things like that...)

Hey! just got my new PC. Still got the chomebook, but I'm gonna try the new update on the main PC. From the looks of the peview images, you added combat!! 
Exited to see it, as well as the new items and codes and stuff. I'll provide feedback or ask questions as I go along (as usual...), so... i'll get to it!

ohhh! i gotcha. Thanks!

(1 edit)

Yes! I was wondering what the water mill- well, blacksmill now I guess- was about, cause it seemed like i had to do a riddle to unlock it or something. Sounds good though, cause mods+proper tool upgrades=game breaker's/bug finder's dream. 

You seem to have planned for everything, though cause I'm outta ideas (for now... for now), so... back to aimlessly wandering around wondering how to do the grave puzzle (I still haven't done a sigle one, it's sad). 

reealy quickly, do you have any reccomendations for the walk-thru for that cave puzzle? I cant seem to find good videos, as in I'll get the sphinx, or I'll get the song but not any sort of...riddle.

first impressions; interesting. kinda hoping the balls are like the DVD screen bounce- great when it hits the corner. Also, hasn't loaded yet. I'll edit this as I get farther...

I have it saved, yeah. I can always jsut ignore them, though. Or i could start over now that I know what the heck i'm doing, sorta. 
Also, I have (yet another annoying) reccomendation for crops and a couple of objects or interactables. 
Crops: You could add a rare chance for a crop seed to drop from plants (like the rubber sprouts and spiky bushes) that would be super super hard or extremely rare, as well as adding flower seeds (and color variants of the same flowers would be cool!). I feel like flowers and (growable) plants are a bit baren. 

objects and interactables: On the southern side of the map I feel like there should be another area, below the ruins and to the left. In this area there would be a couple of caves that have riddles or require items to unlock, where it would have ores and gems.  For objects, I feel like having like some kind of totem (besides the cat-totem) that you could upgrade for one attribute to be higher (say, fighing luck, rescource luck, gifting luck [like, it increases the chance to get an item from them for example], ect.). It would cost ~150 wood (with two slots for crafting), ~200 stone, and 100 seeds (two slots). for each upgrade (you chose one of 4) it would increase by alot; I.e lvl 1 50 plants, lvl 2 150 plants, lvl3 300 plants, lvl 4 500 plants, lvl 5, 800 plants.  
it would also have a similar funtion to research, where you 'sacrifice' items to it so your not storing thousands of leaves in a wood crate..

sorry, I love spitting ideas at devs just so they don't have to wonder on what to add.

trying to harvest the red flower things and they don't get picked up. it just gives me null, then when harvesting the % stays on screen (frozen) along with rescource assets. You are un able to leave, and if you try it  wont let you move and the inventory just has the darkened back ground and nothing else. 

Have I mentioned accidentally breaking games is my specialty?

maybe, I've got no clue.  It may also be me, as i'm (at this moment) using a chromebook to play. I have a pretty good PC at home with steam, though.  I would also like to add another rarity reccomendation; Mythical. 
Myhical would be for items that take alot of effort to firstly find, and then to get it would also be a chore itself.

anyway, the export save is a good idea, but what about, say, something like an account? the only purpose bing for the data, unless you add multiplayer into it, in which case, it'd also be used for the username and ranks/tags.

I'd also like to add, your an amazing dev, the most interactive that I've met, like, ever.

Lets go! I've been meaning to get some new games on steam, but ahve been way too lazy to get some. 
Also, It fixed itself now, it works perfectly fine as of now. 

ah, good to know, good to know.  I hope your game continues to grow, its really cool having a (from what's here so far ) mash-up between Star Dew Valley and Animal crossing.  it really fits! 

Also, if you need someone to test out a private demo (whether its a private itch game or download only) I'd be happy to help game test and report bugs, typos, ect. 

Also, one more question; I see there are different rarity stars (two things, actually..), and I was wondering if you were going to add a symbol or letter to indicate rarity; I.E for a white star, there'd be a C in or next to the star, the green one would be UC for uncommon, purple would be R for rare, so on...
Going along with that, I was wondering if there are any legendary items,  whether its just planned to be implimented or already is, 'cause I love to kinda- for lack of a better word- hoard. I try to get one of eeevery item in most games, especially in games like Star dew, Horizon, God Of War, ect ect.

Anyway, I know you are a very very busy man, and I'll try to only reply if i find a bug or reeeealy need another hint on something. 

(2 edits)

I wasn't even born yet to have a genisis (though, I wish I had/have one...). I'll look it up, unless you have another hint or two to spare... 

Edit: I feel like I should mention a bug I've encountered. When going into the crafting menu the game freezes and I have to back out (to this screen) and go abck in repeatedly. Might just be me.

Edit again: Also, with the coke burner, I can't seem to use it. I put wood, ores everyhting to get coal, but I can't get anything out of it. do I put dragon figh in it? also, a reccomendation for the '?' button, is that there should be a guide for the individual items/shops (if it isn't much of a hasle to do, anyway) to give machine/shop specific reccomendations or tips.

also, one last thing.... I haven't found a gazebo....

is there a better hint for the sign riddle?
"second from the right,
A life written in stone.
look at the row in the middle,
it's dangerous to go alone."

second gravestone from the right, central headstone. that's all i got or the statue. I don't need the answer i just need a bit.... better of a translation... i think...

daaamn, unfortunate. I collect rc cars and planes/helicopters.....  and my dad love(d) his trainsets too. you'd have a customer if you ever....start up again. Sad to hear it, man. 

(1 edit)

where's your shop(I.e state/city, I'm not askin' for an adress, unless your confortable with it.)? I'll buy stuff! well, depending on what your sellin'...

Hye, it's unclear on how I fish gear. I try talking to the guy to see if i can buy a hook or something (seeing the 500C) but no 'shop' option comes up. Mind helpin' me out?

whoa, cool!

No idea, mate. Honestly I'd just click buttons until stuff happens in games like this. Memorize what butons do what ect ect...

Hey, question, How do you reset keybinds?

got to the end. My mission of 100% of plantlife going extinct and starting a new extinction was successful. I also succeeded in beriding myself of my own livelyhood :) 

thanks! I got the regular game reset through struggling and different methods.

but where though, I can't find it even wiht an autoclicker

hey, question, When do you get the ability to sacrifice cards? my run has slowed and I can't find the reset button.

no... NOOOO I JSUT GOT OUTTA HEREEE! (insert the PVz 'NOOOOO' sfx here)

Eh, I'm new to it (relatively, I've been streaming for almost a year now...) but it's cool that you put so much effort into finding an easier way to contact me! I'd love to stream itch games but I currently don't have a proper setup for streaming on my PC.
Your also welcome to join stream as a viewer, I'm extremely lonely cause nobody uses chat- or at least not often enough for me to have consistant interactions to keep new viewers interested.

yes, this is kinda for me, but at the same time (prolly not true) you could have some entertainment from my inevitable screaming and running away from a terrifying entity in Subnautica (I'm a clown, I know...).
Then again, it's up to you. Your more than likely extremely busy with developing your game and what-not, but you are welcome to drop in if you have a chance or want to. 


Hey! I already gave you feedback in my review- and I should also thank you for finding my stream and letting me know! Sorry I didn't acknowledge your message, I think my CTS (Comments/chat to speech) was bugged or off. 
Also, just curious, How did you find my twitch? Did I link it to my itch? 

And yeah np! I hope this helps you, duder!