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Space Botanist

A member registered Aug 15, 2017

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buy me a coffee. Sorry I shouldn't have used an acronym

I can't get the bmc thing to work, I put in my email address and it says unlock with $9 but nothing else. I'm probably just doing something wrong but I have no idea how to purchase it.

Okay so I finshed it now and !!!!!!!!! This game is amazing. The only problem is that it ended. It is soo good and pretty!! and gay!!! and I just really love it. I will be making all of my friends play it

Okay, so I haven't finished but I'm obsessed!!! I keep getting amazed by the art. In the first meeting the art when Min was pitching was beautiful I clicked back several times just to enjoy it. Also all the girls' character art when it indicates the POV is changing is beautiful!!! I'm in love!!!

Yeah thank you!

Will the full game be available for windows?

Will there be a version for windows? This looks super cute but I have windows