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This is a cool game, although it did feel a little too padded, after a while you come to be somewhat fearless of the mp3 of a chainsaw and then BAM the killer shows up out of nowhere lol

this so fun and creepy

how do I use the abilities

i really enjoyed this game

more than once in this game ive died while doing tasks completely out of nowhere even when the colour man isnt even chasing me

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awesome game man! only thing i would change is to remove the jumpscare when you die, it would be way creepier if it was just a black screen with the character screaming than to have a bad jumpscare..also you should add something with the tv, maybe have the tv alternate appear in it and you have to turn it off b4 he kills u

good question

this is sick! please make a sequel! or maybe more endings, like killing yourself or escaping

whenever i unzip a rar with 7zip, it says my access (to the file) is denied, and with Winrar,  its super complicated and i cant get it to work

oh ok

do you have a .zip version available? my computer cant run rar files for some reason and i really want to play this game it looks fun

it keeps crashing for me

this is so cool i love this

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glad to hear that! may i suggest something to tell u when to come out of hiding? because ive died more than id like to admit purely because i stopped hiding too early lol

this is awesome