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It's a pity that there are so few games in this genre. I've played a few, which are older than a decade already, and love to see a new game being developed. I just jumped into the alpha to have a quick look, and found myself still playing after 2 hours. Although there are only limited features at the moment, I instantly fell in love with only creating lifts and slopes. Especially being able to plan the runs to fulfill a certain difficulty makes is so much fun to plan your next steps accordingly, e.g. connect the villages and key lifts always by beginner runs and extend the offer by harder difficulty slopes. After playing well over an hour, the game turned more and more laggy and unplayable (and the sound went crazy), with 10k+ guests it's no surprise I guess at this stage of development. Please, continue the work on this awesome game! Can't wait to play it again as soon as a save game option is available.