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thank you so much!! reading this made me feel like all the work i put into the game was worth it, and it actually gave me the extra boost i needed to finish writing the story :') i've updated the game with a complete chapter 5, and i hope to have chapter 6 completed soon too!

there's a guide here, but you'll have to crack the code to get to it ;) there's also a hints tag that might help!

Thank you so much for such a thorough review!

We don't have a group patreon or anything like that, but there are ways to support separate group members-- as you probably already know haha. Thanks so much for the sentiment in con #5, the thought means a lot!

That's wonderful to hear, thank you so much! I've passed this on to the team as well!

Oh my gosh this is incredibly sweet to hear, thank you so much!! I feel like I'm gonna be flipping back to look at your comment for days to come;; and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!