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Soviet Zealot

A member registered Jul 24, 2017

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im stuck on a continent and have run out of paper, government thing, yet i cant find a way to get off of my continent with settlers. They cant get on a war boat and i cant spawn the trade boat until its on a route with another dock? does anyone know how to settle on another continent?

i liked playing this but i only have 1 controller. is it possible to add keyboard support? (it kinda has keyboard support but it all controls the same guy)

this looks super cool but my friends are being turds and wont play it with me. Anyone want to play

i love that this is constantly being updated and the creator is keeping it going, but i honestly prefered the old version with hexes and all in one section. I played for hours on end and really enjoyed it.

this was super fun! but every time i lit something on fire with my torch and turned i would spaz out and fly in the air for a second this was very frustrating and make lighting the candles really annoying plz fix.
P.S this was frickin FAN TASTIC and i wish it was longer.

hey i just wanted to know are the files from the begining still relavent ooorrr no?