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Thank you

It goes over lighting, animation, ai, and very simple object interaction, and other stuff like that, as well as liquid interaction, and pausing

So I saw that you can make a project before hand, that would be for general use, would making a 3D frame work starter pack be okay as well? I've been working on one for the last two ish week... 

Using Game Maker 3D is one of the most fun and "interesting" in development wise... Were at the point as to start adding 3D blender objects in to the world to start making terrain... I'm going to make a proof of concept demo... Hope to cya till then!

This is going to be a updated of my progress of what I have... 

Beta testing accesses will be to limited group of people...

--What types of forms (Ex. Like super sonic / sayian, dark, light, Color swaps A hat in time, etc...) tell me some of your ideas and I will put you in the credits of the game for the help!!!--

The game is about to come out within the next 20 minutes...

Currently I am doing some minor adjustments to the game should be done real soon!!!

Can we use game maker

I got really caught up with making the dialogue system... that I got blind sighted in actually making it more quality based. But I take all your comments to heart in ways to improve.

make a game day community · Created a new topic Thank you
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Im saying thanks for this game jam, I am going through a bit of a weird time and this fits my need perfectly. I just need to say thank you creator of this game Jam, I can relax...

I like the concept, and the game play is fun! Maybe add like a heart system or a indicator for health, just to make it easier to tell you how much hp you have left

oh i didnt see the bottom text thnx!

Just wondering can the black / white be  alpha or no?

ah okay thnx

Do this mean that The name or title of game has to be as the jam (Black and white)? or literally game jam black and white?

I like the idea were you the enemy basically, graphic are okay, but good concept.