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This review and playthrough made my day, thanks so much for playing and glad you liked it :) <3

Thanks for playing!

Unfortunately there isn’t :( Maybe one day I’ll make a more extended non-pico8 version of the game with undo and a deeper exploration of the mechanics :)

Pleasant and beautiful :)

so cute :D

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hehe so fun

I actually really liked that you need to move towards the wolves to make them run away. Felt more real and responsive, even tho it made it harder!

This was lovely :) Stunning visuals and sound! And the mechanics were cool - def felt like I was lost in a forest hehe

Cool idea and cute visuals :)

Pretty and fun :)

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Hey itch,

I recently released Mimic here!

It’s a short puzzle game made in PICO-8 where you mimic animals to take their form.

  • Only 11 levels, one secret. About half an hour of gameplay.
  • You can play for free in your browser.

It’s been so lovely seeing the all the positive responses so far, so I wanted to post an announcement here too :)

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nice game! i like the look and feel~ and some of the puzzles were interesting

I got stuck here and didn’t know how to restart :(

That’s the hardest level :D

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Glad you enjoyed it! Look for something that is out of place ;)


Thanks :)

Glad to hear! Thanks for playing :)


Fun game :D
The visuals of are particularly amazing and impressive!!
Great work :)

So beautiful and fun :)
loved the game feel too, very polished!

I love the concept and the game is fun/juicy :D

I meant keyboard is much harder!

This game is dope :D
Nice graphics, music and game feel :)
I was able to get to wagon 4 with a mouse, the autoaim on the keyboard is a cool feature but its still much harder haha


such good game feel given the constraints :D
visuals too :o
great work!

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haha wow
didnt even know this was possible
great stuff!

thanks for giving it a try!!
haha yeah at some point it becomes impossible 
didn't polish the gameplay too much :P

there are minor strats, like going diagonally is faster or drawing near the middle since the 'sweeping' cone is smaller

soooo cooool and cute ^_^
love the idea and the execution :)

impressive, fun AND great game feel!! <3 

short and sweet, the art is nice
won by being nice ^-^

wow so juicyy and prettyy and funnnn :D 
Great work!

Very nice game feel, aesthetics and vibes :)

Minor feedback: the only choice I felt like I was making with the items was what to risk eating or not and I didn't really understand what "cursed" is. Maybe i didn't get far enough but it would be cool if the type of sword/weapon you chose made a difference in play style.

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The visuals are incredible and it has pretty good game feel so far!
I esp like slicing the bamboos and attempting to parry.
I'd love to see more levels and mechanics in this world :D