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Hi y'all,

As my "tiny tool" obsession has been continuing for the better part of around 2 years, I have noticed that all the main areas for showing off new tools, mainly and, have gone pretty much dormant recently. Does anyone know if there are any new places where things like these are being listed? Should we start making a new version of something like those previously mentioned websites? Or have we just made all the tiny tools that are feasible on this planet?



It Rose Overnight sounds like a great name for an indie joke horror game

I just messed with it (I'm on Google Chrome btw) and the preview does work (at least for me). So far it looks very promising (although documentation, preset scripts, and some example projects might be nice as a complement to the engine). Keep doing what you're doing!

I'm pretty excited for the engine segment of this, good work!

I got a final score of 1863

Tell me when it releases, seems interesting.

I like this project so far! Are there plans to add exports to EXE?

man this is just the best would you happen to know what game engine this was made in thanks again

i really want to play poking man sunset please release it as a standalone game i will do anything

same developer

seems like an issue on your end. there's a browser version

"I'm broke"

then why bother commenting it's five dollars lmao

why are you clearly not over the age of ten

Oh yeah, possibly GIF support/onion skinning between cards, but I'm not sure how many people besides me would use that. Thank you though.



Why is it 184 times larger than the original

Thank you. I tried to invoke the same feelings that the show had on my first watch.

Hey! Thanks for the reply! I understand the scope of a lot of these suggestions and how, honestly, miniscule they are, so don't feel rushed in any way. I won't be offended if nothing comes of them, because my foolish self couldn't dream of making anything like this, so who am I to say what's possible or not.

As for the bug, I downloaded the file onto another computer and it ended up working fine, so it's likely just an issue on my side. Thanks for the help, and sorry for bothering you.

Decker community · Created a new topic A Couple Suggestions
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Hey, I'm having a pretty good time making little programs with Decker, but I have a couple suggestions.

APP and EXE exports

Being able to export to executables would open quite a few more possibilities and in my opinion fit the vibe of Decker a bit more.

Lightweight export mode

If I'm not mistaken, exporting a Deck as an HTML also exports the engine, which I like the concept of (being able to look through and modify other people's creations), however (and this isn't that big of a deal) it would be nice to have a lightweight export containing just the deck, mostly to preserve space on Neocities and

Full list of Lil functions

This might already exist but it would be nice to just have a big list of Lil functions with explanations for reference

Thanks, love what you're doing here!


I have also encountered a bug where buttons to go to different cards won't work on the first cart for some reason. This is on the latest Windows version.

cant tell if this is satire or not


Basically you try to place one pixel and it ends up placing too. I haven't noticed it that much on my second try, however.

Hey, I find this really interesting. Could you also post the GBSTUDIO source code? Thanks, this is super cool!

This is actually a really cool idea! One issue I noticed is that sometimes 1 key press is counted as 2, but it's still really intriguing software!

Woah I just thought it was a weird cat game but then it went DUNGEON CRAWLER??!?

Is it randomly generated or the same map every time?

hey, i'm pretty interested in this project, just wondering if you have a rough estimate of when the engine itself is coming out. thanks

I doubt this is possible, but could you add variables/randomness? Thanks!!!!

oughta call it UniTix

Kaboom community · Created a new topic Standalone

Is there a way to make a standalone windows app for a kaboom game? Thanks!

where markjam 3

I like it! The ability to export to an exe or html file would be pretty cool, but aside from that, a really nice engine!

can't wait for super videotome

this doubles as an ascii art tool

I like how it looks like a Bitsy game!

Thanks! Messing around with it now.

Hey, I'm intrigued. Where is the documentation?

i just offered someone a coconut, they denied and stole my raft in front of my eyes. please rename this to grand theft pirate