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Thank you! Super hyped for 8.0!

Thank you!

Sure it's an ok game, but it has nothing to do with the game jam and it really is blatantly obvious you started work on this before the jam...

Alright, thanks!

This is a really cool concept but I noticed you havent been active for a while.

this has nothing to do with the theme

Hey! Here's a suggestion for a game engine you should try. It's called Bitsy and it fits into that retro category (though it runs in html5)

Alright, thank you!

By the way, have you voted on everyone's yet?

It's a fun concept, however, I feel you could have invested your time better and done something more creative!

This was possibly one of the best Bitsy games I have ever played! Thank you so much for your submission!

I played it and it was absolutely fantastic


You should be

ScorOS community · Created a new topic I want it online

P l e a s e

Let me just say that this is possibly the most creative and jaw-dropping use of GBstudio. Keep up the great work!

I don't think I'll be working on this any more. I have some better Game Boy projects planned. One is out right now if you want to check it out! It's another sorta coffee priced minigame with customization and different modes. Not entirely sure it's fully functional but if it isn't, it might take a while for me to get around to fixing it.

Sorry, I mean how did you make the twins part? I have GBstudio

How did you make it?

How did you do this?

Do you use GBstudio?

This tool is my life but one question: do you ever plan on adding multiplayer support?

Everything that you said about it is not true, it's pretty good! Much better than those forced Game Boy ports like Mortal Kombat.

Can you share the GBstudio files too?

The Pink Floyd references improve this even more

I know this probably won't be seen but please Chris can you team up with a company or something to give us a flasher and carts specifically designed for Gbstudio? I know this would help a lot of people including myself. Sorta like NESmaker

This has the potential to become a rage  game

Yep. Plan is like 2 bucks maybe less


It can't make executables but it can make HTML files besides the regular rom

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This game is fantastic! But it's way too short! You should turn it into a full fledged game!

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Look around a bit, there are a few with more storage somewhere on the internet. I'd love to see it on a real gameboy!

If your game is 32kb or less, go on Catskull Electronics' 32kb cart and select Custom ROM. It's really cheap and works effectively.

Please disregard this project and play my other game

You're gonna hate me after watching this for 10 seconds but 

It'll be a while since I need to edit but I might get back to you. Literally played it 10 minutes ago

That was an insane experience! I made a video but I'm not gonna link it because im not a dumb advertiser