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oughta call it UniTix

Kaboom community · Created a new topic Standalone

Is there a way to make a standalone windows app for a kaboom game? Thanks!

where markjam 3

I like it! The ability to export to an exe or html file would be pretty cool, but aside from that, a really nice engine!

can't wait for super videotome

this doubles as an ascii art tool

I like how it looks like a Bitsy game!

Thanks! Messing around with it now.

Hey, I'm intrigued. Where is the documentation?

i just offered someone a coconut, they denied and stole my raft in front of my eyes. please rename this to grand theft pirate

Good game! I  a m  n o w  o n e  w i t h  t h e  w a l l s


where spon g 3

I appreciate the effort put into this remake, but the developer doesn't make money off of it this way. Just consider that, I won't report you or anything, maybe make something original out of the knowledge you got from this remake :)

That's a bug that I'm not sure how to fix. I used a preset template (this one), so it could just be an issue with that.

Hey! I made a zine with EZM and was wondering if you could add it to your list! Thank you and I love the software! link

Thank you!

It has nothing to do with the jam at all and was made 6 months ago.

Mine is 453 and the name is Sherbert

No problem!

IFFY community · Created a new topic Reminder
(1 edit)

Hey, this looks interesting! But just to let people find it easier, I recommend using the game-engine tag! Thanks, and I can't wait!

and yay an undertale reference

Thanks for using the cartridge I made. I actually didn't expect anyone to use it:P

Also props to you on that artwork!

Glad I could help!



Thank you! Super hyped for 8.0!

Thank you!

Sure it's an ok game, but it has nothing to do with the game jam and it really is blatantly obvious you started work on this before the jam...

Alright, thanks!

This is a really cool concept but I noticed you havent been active for a while.

this has nothing to do with the theme

Hey! Here's a suggestion for a game engine you should try. It's called Bitsy and it fits into that retro category (though it runs in html5)

Alright, thank you!

By the way, have you voted on everyone's yet?