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I'm more out of practice than I thought, could only score a 58% on a good date. Lmao looking forward to the full game!

Glad to see this game get a sequel and it didn't disappoint. 

Interesting and funny concept for a horror game. I'm sure people might relate to the situation but not to this extent.

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I've rarely been given the option to change my POV in a game and man was it helpful. Creepy game fursure! Like always i love the PS1 style graphics and the VHS mode!!

Definitely didnt know what to expect on this game but it was a very creative!!

I had fun playing through the game and shamefully got jumpscared. It seems like you went for a VHS look which I like the idea but it seems a little too grainy. Overall though I really enjoyed my playthrough!

Love the idea of making this into a creepy board game of Roulette using shotguns! AI Dealer made this more challenging than expected but in a good way!

Got sick so I didnt get to post this when I made it but I had a fun time playing!

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Loved the attention to detail on all the characters!! My favorite was the priest with fish net leggings and high heels lmao

Going into this, I had high hopes but this went a step further. Levels looked awesome, decent challenges and i liked the constant fear of the horror mario head. Great work!

I am not sure where these photos were found but some of these are straight up haunting. Lol (First game on the play list)

Basically i felt like I was finally able to play through one of Molly Moonns TikTok videos. What a time to be alive. 

This looks promising! Can't wait for the full game release.

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Man this game has a lot of potential and I love the way that it looks. That plastic bag looked 🤌🏼

Man I loved the concept for this game and it was a fun play! For a first attempt, I think you put out a awesome game!! Now.....I am embarrassed that I didn't see the coins on the ground due to fear but I eventually figured it out. 😂

This game was relaxing and kept me on my toes at the same time! Was wondering how it was going to end and wasn't disappointed!

It took me a minute to figure out how to play (embarrassingly) but once i got the idea i had a lot of fun! I need to go back and play through all the different modes!!

Second this and great thumbnail!!

This game was insane and definitely worth the $1!!

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Damn....I don't know how this game took me by surprise.  Morel of the story, your friends are on their own when it comes to playing stupid games. Starts at 1:00

Mug man didn't know how to give up but I had a lot of fun getting scared! lol Starts at 27:56

This was a nice surprise, I loved that we got a remake with an updated OG and a completely different version! Starts at 9:54

Loved the overall feeling and man for being an animatronic he's sneaky. Lol

Man so much harder than I thought it was going to be but I enjoyed it!

This game had a lot of love put into it and the game was challenging! Keep up the great work!!

A sequel to The Man in the park was unexpected but im glad that we got it!

This game turned out to be longer than 3 minutes but for good reason. I enjoyed this! 

Definitely a fun surprise! I'll be going back for those other endings now that I know about them! 😈

Another fun play! Finding out they could escape was a fun surprise.

I had a lot of fun playing this! Going back to beat it tonight.

Interesting concept and I liked the story!

Its the middle game on the list 15:48

I liked this game and the choice to let the lady poop or not that leads to different endings was pretty good. Aside from the little things like no sprint, the hard time getting up the step and the fact that I'll never know whats behind that other bathroom door I had fun.

First game on the list!

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Short but sweet!

Game starts at 39:02

This game was a lot of fun! Cant wait to play the full game!

Okay so far playing through the full game and its lived up to the hype!

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Alright. I think we can all agree, the way it ended was for the best. 😂

Interesting game

Lol no worries! I may have over reacted. Appreciate the game! 

Nice Thumbnail man

I liked the game, only complaint I wished it was a bit longer. =(