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Loved this game! I wished it was a little longer but it really felt like I was playing a saw game. Great job on this one!

This game was a masterpiece. Short but decent jumpscares and plenty of humor.

I hate mannequins. This games was short but had a creepy vibe the whole time. Great game!

Video for this game starts at 09:30

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This was actually good! I liked the running from a shadowy figure while trying to complete something idea.

Video for this game starts at 04:53

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This game was unexpected, a little slow to start but worth the wait! 

Video for this game starts at 00:35

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I really cant wait for this game to fully be released! Kept me in constant fear that I was going to run into her. 10/10 for sure!

Gameplay for this video starts at 20:06

Short game play that is very story driven. No jump scares but there is a creepiness about the story that I liked. 

Gameplay for this game starts at 12:45

This game was surprisingly difficult and Homer was pretty quick. I had some fun playing this one.

Gameplay for this game is at 00:35

This game was fast pace , was creepy and some humor as always. Can definitely say its a typical 616 game but in a good way! Played through to get both endings. 

Damn this game was difficult but man I loved it! I will have to do a solo video just for this game because its going to take sometime to beat lol

First game on the video

Okay so this game was unexpected but I liked the challenge. Definitely worth trying it out! 


Man this game got real dark quick. I don't know if I will every be the same after this game. 10/10 would play agin.


I can see the potential in this game, like the killer and the theme were good. But some bugs have to be fixed because it makes it hard to play and easy to beat at the same time.

This game looks great! Had a jumpscare get me real good at one point which in my book was a huge win. If you like a short 20 minute game that keeps you interested and scared then this is it!

This game caught by surprise and was creepy once you realize whats going on. Definitely worth the play!

First Game on the Video

The maze was great and I got got on the jump-scare.  Just wish it was easier to know which houses to go drop off pizza at.

Check out 16:55

Loved the update, wish there was more tapes but I can wait!

Check 28:02

Babysitting has now gotten harder after this update. For a game that is free this game has good replay value with the all the new modes and souls you can collect for more fun. 

This game was everything that I wanted it to be. Definitely worth the purchase if you are wanting something short but fun.

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Okay this game definitely took me by surprise. Creepy undertones and a jumpscare i should have seen coming but it still got me. I enjoyed this demo! Check 15:38

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Not really scary but i can say that the narrative voice that explains things was creepy. I learned how to take care of my cat by the end.  Check 05:00

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Game was short, wierd with a slight hint of spooky. Needs more capybaras.            Check 00:33

Lol short and sweet but the different endings made up for it being short because it had replay value.

Short Sweet and simple! This game was surprisingly scary as well so I enjoyed it!

Creepy vibes and a feeling of unease are how I explain this game. I had fun so worth the play for sure and because there are different endings means I need to go back to play again.

Just when you think that you've seen the last of the Poop Killer. Even more ridiculous than the first one in the best way possible. Worth the play 😂

Alright this game was ridiculous but fun! Loved the humor put into this. Thanks 616 for making another banger!

Game was more than expected! Once I learned how to accurately dodge/run away I was able to win. Loved the playthrough!

Man this game was unexpected 😳 Loved how it got me in the first half then flipped to madness! 

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This Game is ridiculously addicting and difficult. If you like getting upset then you will have fun playing this. Overall not bad 9/10 needed more pizza

Man the park was confusing but once I was able to figure out how to navigate it. I was able to enjoy the creepiness of the game!

This game made me feel like it was me who was in the wrong. Interesting and creepy feel throughout but it was a little hard to read the writing. Overall solid game!

Man this game kept me guessing and I was waiting for the big jumpscare but ended up getting something more. 

This game was refreshing and frustrating at the same time. It gave me heavy FNAF 4 vibes which was awesome! Worth the play if you don't mind getting mad. lol 

This game was ridic. Doge kept teleporting, Monke was giving out false info and the rooms kept changing. The only thing that kept me going was my hunger to win. Overall not bad. Would play again.

This game was awesome! I liked the story that was put together and the creepiness that stayed pretty much through the whole game.

Super short but I liked the commentary in the game! The ending scared me more than it should have. Lol

Damn this game creeped me out playing at night. I hope they add more tapes!

Man I really don't know how you guys are beating this game in around 1 minute but I'm impressed. This game has wonky controls while at the same time it adds to the fun. Worth the play for sure!