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Soupy Soup

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How rude of this trash goblin to smear his excrement all over the floor. But then again, I'm not judging. Great atmosphere with great jumpscares. Really rustled my jimmies.

I will never view soda water in the same way again. The pleasures and the joys of soda water have been utterly ruined for me. I am a changed woman, I have converted. But at what cost?

What a delightful little house. I can really see myself sitting down on the moldy sofa in the living room and eating a bowl of baked beans.

This game left an impact on me. The kind of impact that will likely require years of therapy to recover from.

This deer is big and large and his breath stink.

Bucky the Beaver is an absolute alpha Chad and I refuse to change my mind.

Bucky the Beaver looks as though he has committed several forms of tax fraud, and has ingested psychedelic drugs of unknown origin. I don't even think Dr. Phil himself can save this deranged mud rat.

Unpopular opinion: The attic is not an attic. It's a room. It's literally just a room, dammit. Change my mind.

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Haha I just realized it says tumor backwards hehee haha funnee

Loved the experience. Definitely appreciate the inclusion of buff arm chicken man. Really elevated the entire gameplay for me.

Well, this demo was a little s p i c y. Definitely startled me more than I'm willing to admit.

Thanks for the trauma, I hate llamas now :')