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Thanks very much for the kind words, glad you liked it!

This is really charming. Love the map!

Thanks! I'm a fan of these sort of micro-studies that I can recommend to friends, safe in the knowledge they won't get bored of them :)

Haha, you bet! Decorating the interior of the mech was just thinking of random electrical\industrial things and putting them everywhere! Thanks for checking it out :)

Thanks very much mate, glad you think so! :)

That's very kind of you! I wanted to make something that felt a bit cozy and warm :) Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for checking it out! I'm very glad to hear that :)

Thanks for checking it out mate! 'Peaceful' is what I'm usually going for in my music :) 

Thanks for checking it out! :)

This absolutely blew me away. What an amazing entry!

Glad you liked it! Made presents are best presents :)

Thanks Adrien! I really appreciate you checking it out! :)

Made me smile: "Huh, that's cool, how are they going to handle changes of direction...oh." lol

Thanks so much, I'm glad you think so! Erin (who did most of the art for this) was raving about all the cool stuff your game for this jam was doing - I really love all the extra presentation work you did! If you ever want any other original music for your games in the future, don't hesitate to hit me up :)

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Thanks! I'm so glad you think so! :) I haven't completed your entry yet, but your game is both charmingly personal, and impressively deep and ambitious!

I was not ready for that ending. Beautiful work.

What a sweet and unique experience! Really cool 1-bit art on all the artworks. How did you get the avatar to disappear when looking at the art?

Thanks very much, I'm really glad you liked it! The pilot will comment on the amount of treasure you have (if I recall, he has 5 possible responses?) but there's nothing special for getting super cursed with more than one cursed item XD

I'm really glad you think so! Balancing them was tricky, so that makes me very happy to hear :)

Geez, this really got me. It's really impressive how you managed to pull such a poignant moment like this out of bitsy!

Wow, this got brutally difficult, fast! I really like the concept and design, awesome job!

Thanks heaps for checking it out mate - that idea of it representing the difficulties faced in communication was part of the original idea, unfortunately, we didn't get quite long enough to properly flesh that out! I definitely want to keep working on it and aim for a complete release :)

Me too! :)

This is really cool! Really cute concept and animation! I'd be happy to contribute some music to the project if you decided to get it ready for a full release :)