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Thumbs up to that bud.

I’m sorry I misread your first message , currently it’s only a skin >.<

There already is, in the discord just ask and well tell you how :D

think that’s it


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it’s just a teaser, nothing much, patreons got the up to date version, I should be releasing the newer build in a couple weeks, but I’m glad people are hyped to see what’s goin on. The next build has a bit of story and all to it.

remember this is just a teaser, patreons got some of the story made up, this is an older build

gotta beat the game

sorry about the delayed responce too >.<

Its mostly completed, im actually uploading a demo for Soulstream 2 today :D, If i can get the code back im gonna try to improve some things on this game, but the my focus is on the new game :D

I guess just mostly in the realm of expansion/inflation/growth/giantess, etc

Thanks! Hope u enjoy it! Might be moving from unity to unreal engine, so might be some chnges for the next

break all the things on the walls by punching them, then leave at the bottom exit

alt and shift i believe

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go back to the bottom door and press e to leave

you should have got the file right when you clicked the buy now button

yeah, just gotta buy the Remix, and it continues the story :)

it's always an honor to hear things like that :), been working hard on learning new things, that's why I can't wait to get some work done on soulstream 2! Hopefully I keep shocking you in showing you bigger and better things. In more ways then one.  Bigger ladies inbound!

Fixed and reuploaded

lol, oki ill check it

just come here and re download

Next update should be incoming by this Sunday if I get time to get it posted. Things have just been a little slower because I am studying hard for a promotional exam at my job. And that is taking priority right now.

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yes sir, just updates for this game. Not access to other games I make. 

The store cashier just hasn't had the animations coded in yet, i actually do have this implemented into the next update, the growths will be there. I have them animated and coded. They just weren't added in the version available as of now. And the [ and ] are the bracket keys on the keyboard. And thank you, glad u liked.

"PLAYASTHEGIRL" :D *will get you access to luccia skin*

No worries, thanks for the feedback tho

yeah, I didn't make the animations yet.

If its .rar, just download winrar. A free program to unzip the files. If its .zip, download winzip.

Make sure you have winzip installed to unzip it.

Link should be working now

Let it load a while. The game was made on a poorly optimized game engine. (*cough, cough* Construct 3)

Yeah eventually all encounters will be there.

Ill keep it in mind as one of the updates maybe.

Damn broski, umm... dunno if thats priority right now. Working on two other games right now, and updatng this one with things moreso. I can put it on the list to be requested!

Message me on the discord, i can get u possibly a link to the game, payong from paypal or something.

Hmm... id need a bit more of the details.

Update is now up!

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The game is updated :) Sorry, just got a new job so its been a little chaotic

Haha no worries! Glad ur excited enough for it!

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Yes! That is definitely something i plan to add, just havent got around to it! Will be implemented very soon! Thanks for actually reminding me! And for the compliments! I also have a plan as well to add a little game over for her when she falls and if she lands on you, and a little interaction for her in the mall, so she'll get some love soon!