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hi mori ^^ thank you so much!!
that's really really meaningful for us and we're so glad that you could connect to it in that way.. it's really great to hear that you think of zonnebloem in this way, thank you!

hi kyou!! sorry for the super late response, but this comment made us super happy ^^

we're really glad that the atmosphere and interactions came across that way, that's exactly the way we intended it! thank you so much for this lovely reply!!

we're so happy to hear that, thank you!!

thank you so much thursday, that means so much coming from you!! the colours and atmosphere was one of the first things we confirmed with each other, we're so glad it came across so well. thank you for your lovely comment!!

i really loved it.. everything about it was lovely. i loved all the characters and the atmosphere was amazing, the writing is really good. your art is charming as hell. i hope to see more stories from you if you ever feel like making more.. thank you for sharing this


you BLUSHED?! thank you so much fawxplus im so so glad you liked it!! <3