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eventually while dating Clover she can't help herself.

Look it's about spies not super heroes.

Impossible I only see either some obscure spy characters or other shows like Martin Mystery or Team Galaxy

not yet and not really the main part it's just like the show situational based  moving the plot forward.
Ex: A villain is using mind control on the president making him spend his personal funds.

hmm I have many choices, I could add Britney and Alex becomes all jealous, I could add Mandy , Dominique and Caitlin I could even add the old Spies that Jerry hired before Alex, Sam and Clover. Will see in the future if all of the choices start adding up.

new update has been added and now you should be able to start the event by winning with each girl the laser minigame

alright what do you want to have? Please be mindful it's still in development. I would gladly tell what the road map is.