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The can stack costs, but the GM and the player negotiate costs together and the max the benefit you can get is a plus 5. In addition in the full version of the rules (which I didn't write here (if you roll a 1, you always fail. That's fixed in the core book

You're meant to print the Print files onto both sides of an A4 piece of paper. This means that the rules side makes a little book when they're folded up, and then when you unfold the zine that the adventure is just flat page! 

Hey! We can probably figure this out. Can you email so we can correspond more easily.

I sent them out this morning, following your message! 

you can find our discord at

Yeah, something like that would be swell! the full text of the license can be found here:

we're definitely shooting towards that approach. the layout isn't being 'polished' so much as completely done again from scratch!