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Had a lot of fun playing this one! Would be cool to see the Toilet Seat Killer fight the Poop Killer from 616 Games!

Not sure if I'll ever trust my co-workers again... Good stuff!

Feed Me Billy brought out a new side of me that I've never seen before!

This game is like something straight out of the dark web, fantastic!!!

Night Shift gave me such a bad jump scare that I almost flew out of my seat! Good stuff guys!

This game certainly delivers the scares! I'll definitely be tuning in for episode 2 :)

As a huge fan of the Saw franchise, this game is a certified gem! I really hope you guys have plans for a sequel!

I love how these games are all tied into each other, top tier trash!!!

Had an absolute blast playing this one!!!

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A hilarious nostalgia trip that brought me back to my first job as a video store clerk where the customers would always ask to use the bathroom... Excellent stuff!!!

Managed to stop the nuke with 0.67 seconds left on the clock, such a nail biter!!!

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This game is the definition of subverting your expectations... simply incredible.

Keep the analogue horror coming, this game is awesome!!!

An absolute blast!!! Props to everyone out there working retail, you guys deserve a raise!!!


The PS1 style graphics are simply amazing, thanks for making such an awesome game!!!

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I got jump scared really bad, thanks for making such an awesome game :)