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i've had it running for about an hour and i just feel more and more charmed by it. now it's got me wondering if there are similar concepts or apps out there, any other sort of amateur mass broadcasting site/program. anyone know of other things like this?

i really adore this. i just wish i could resize the bubble, and i wish it only showed recent messages, even if they'd be much less frequent that way. one message said today was a sad day for reproductive rights in america, which i have to assume was written back in june. feels more special if you know the messages are recent

(this game rules btw)

can anyone help with this? i've tried walking around the room to lure them into the same place but it's not working. not sure how i'm supposed to fight them at the same time

can anyone help out? i assume i have to get the ball to the top row before touching the first ball-locking tile on the top row, but i truly have no idea how to do it