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ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Man, this game is awesome. I believe i got almost 100 waves and didnt died, i was just tired hahaha

So man... you can release this game, but you'll need to improve some things like more characters, more weapons, more maps and definitely more enemies for later waves. I had so much fun with this. Keep up the good work!

I got a notification telling me the game got a new update but there's nothing saying what it is. Does anyone know?

This version is incredibly more well made than the last two parts, but unfortunately, for me, it has a lot of bugs.

Oscillating framerate, broken cutscenes that didnt trigger forcing me to restart from the checkpoint countless times, random crashes, etc..

I hope the next part can get a better optimization. Keep up the good work, man. Your game is amazing and can get even better.

Hey my dude. Just finished Part 2.  Going to part 3 in a few minutes, i'm just gonna leave my rating and start playing. Very cool.

Hey man, i'm on Act 2 of the second game.


After the invasion when i get the mask the game shows me that i need to get out of the house, but there is a enemy in front of the only possible exit, so i suppose i must kill him, but when i try, she performs the action of going behind him but doesnt execute the kill, bricking the game and having to restart Act 2. :T Am i doing something wrong?

I just finished the first part. Very cool. I downloaded part 2 from the browser (part 3 worked through the app.

I don't know why, but i can't download the game through Itch windows app. It's giving me some build error.

Unfortunely, i wasn't able to finish the game. I don't know why but the game was randomly crashing and it doesn't save your progress, so... i don't want to keep playing just to get crashed in the end.