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McPixel 3 has been out for over three months now, and during that time I have been busy creating more crazy adventures for our little guy! Thus, I am delighted to let you know that we have some brand new Free DLC levels for you in a brand new update! When you launch the game, look for a mailbox in McBurg near the fountain to access brand new McPixel 3 levels in two Free DLC packs

If the mailbox is not there yet, you need to progress a bit! To unlock the mailbox you need to at least play every round in first three chapters, or have the game beaten at least once (even if you erased the progress!)

McPixel visits grandma!

In this brand-new update, McPixel gets a letter from grandma telling him to come for a visit! Join McPixel on his visit to grandma's place and make sure she actually survives the unfortunate encounters McPixel put her through in a new never-before seen level pack!

In addition to that two new minigames and a brand new Steve level wait for you in this level pack!

The classic remastered

Additionally, you will be able to play the original six levels, first ever to be made for McPixel in 2011 remastered to match McPixel 3 style and graphics! These 6 levels were the first ever to be created during a 48-hour game jam! This is where McPixel all started!

Language selector!

Additionally, due to popular demand a language selection screen will now always appear first time you launch the game, instad of trying to autodetect language so that you can pickw hatever language you prefer to play in! Note that if you haven't manually picked the language the language selector will pop up for you next time you launch the game either way!

Have fun playing McPixel 3 and don't blow it! Make that grandma proud!


Some more exotic platforms have still not updated to the latest version, since some require manual builds and also I think other of my Raspberry Pis have fried itself to death. I'll get these up and running and will keep you up to date!

It will involve codes and scripts!

I'm gonna need 256MB ram there!

Hey! It's gonna happen! Are you interested in creating new levels for McPixel 3?

This is gold! Thank you! 

I'll get all of this sorted as soon as I can!

Happy to provide some entertainment for Haiku users! And love the OS, feels so snappy! Gonna be my go-to install for old machines! (Need to set it up on my EEE PC)

How do I link against the package version of libSDL2? I couldn't get it to find the library!

Hey! They're only available here! Sorry!

I don't think there's a reasonable way to put these somewhere else than itch!

Yo, thanks :)

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Probably! I was looking into AmigaOS but I don't even have any hardware to run it on, so I'm not sure if I could get it to run

Hey, I'm aware of this! Will have it done by the end of this month

I have one of these, but no idea how to build it properly and even where to find the docs!


I'd have to look into this! Need to see if there are SDKs available for this with. I'll check it out and let you know!

Also, you're gonna need at lest 256MB RAM for this, prefferably 512. Does the device have that much?



Not sure! I'll try to cook it up as soon as I can! I'll let you know in this thread as soon as I have more information!

Ahhh, I was waiting for this question!

Not yet! But it is coming! :)

And this time there's virtually no limits as to what you can create!


Announcement tweet: here you go


Working discord invite:

You can make a game in 34 days and still submit, there's no rules.


Remember that when time goes back everything that is cached will be messed up!!!

You might not be able to team up, time goes back and your repository will be eaten alive be time itself.

Don't tell anyone and you're good! ;)

0. Go to for details, please submit your game there as well if you can!

0.5. Watch keynote:

1. Screw Rules, nobody cares just have fun! No time, no theme!

2. Have fun!


The answer to all your questions is YES

Love you <3

oh it's simple, you start at 2:00 and finish at something like 1:59 the same day! no time wasted!

you make a game and it's fun! :)

It means you need to start at 2:00 am and finish by 2:00 am the same day

Announcement: the theme is pancakes

you'll be only one hour late with submissions. that's infinity percent more.

Hello? I've been having confused people coming to the discord. Can we work together here?

Nice! Could you put a link to the website, in the description, tho?


I'm Sos and I've been running 0h game jam for 10 years now! It seems that someone came up with the same idea! Nice! 

Anyways, if you want to check it out, we've been using this website to keep track of all the 0h games across the years (with nearly 850 made so far!) So check it out here:

Big cheers and good luck everyone!