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I love this implementation of randomly creating unique items with fitting names! As a DM, I would be less worried about freak results if Bonus Variables (BV) were calculated using d4s rather than d6s. To compensate for an increased chance of rolling a 1, the BV rolls could just follow the four tiers of play, i.e. levels 1-4 (4d4, keep lowest), 5-10 (3d4, keep lowest), 11-16 (2d4, keep lowest), and 17-20 (1d4). +4 to attack rolls  is already higher than any official 5e weapon. On that note, is 81-82 Silver supposed to mean "+BV to Attack Rolls" (like 87-88 Mithril)?

Well-designed gloomy one-shot in the frigid north. I love the innovative mechanics of the final encounter!

Super fun and quirky flavor. Can easily be adapted to any TTRPG.

Fun addition to a town in any TTRPG!

At first, its just a fun look, like "is pink. Very pink. SCREAMING pink." Then there's a cool effect on top. Finally, you might realize it's devastating and need to get rid of it in time!

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Great fun when you want to play a TTRPG on a random weekday but don't have a group handy.

Neat supplement that helps set the mood for any CY_BORG game

I love browsing through this book as the text is well-written with a quirky sense of humor. Every page has great illustrations and a meticulous finish. Packed with throught-provoking mechanics, it's a joy to run and a novel challenge for players to escape the prison alive! Deeply entangled in the original Mörk Borg setting and lore, Trapped Within comes with plenty of suggestions on how to tie the adventure into a long-running campaign. Lastly, the two novel character classes (Dogmatic Acolyte and Scorched Bedlamite) are excellent additions to any MB game.