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fun little game with some already interesting mechanics, good work!

Alrighty then, I'm looking forward to it!

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Oh nice. I got the randomportraits mod and some decent portrait packs so that'll take care of it for the time being. But I'd be glad if you could also share the portrait pack you've compiled when it's finished. Amazing work! 

Okay so im not used too the mobile interface, and somehow deleted my comment. Uh is there any way to undo that? 

Is there a possible android port anytime? Cause, damn, I really want to play this but I only have an android phone.

I played this on pc and greatly enjoyed it, sadly my pc has passed on. Soooo, are there any chances you can put it on Android? Just asking tho

My God man. It's been two years and I'll say. You've done a damn good job. You've come far dude, and you've earned the right to be proud. Hope this gains a lot more attention. 

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Hey Man, just got back to this. Hope you finish the game soon! Looking forward to it! Cheers! and Goodluck!

Good Luck!

Yo dude, keep it up. I want to see this game become a success!

Hey man, awesome game you got here. I just started playin and im loving all of it, the music, the graphics, and the story. Keep up the good work!

Yo man, good job with this game! Please dont discontinue it. Good Luck!!