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I adored the level of detail in this game. Everything about it just oozes care and attention-to-detail. ♥ The ending was... odd. Sort of bittersweet, but something to reflect on. Thank you for making this. 

The animations up above show the same effect. The z-fighting is definitely on purpose here.

I just discovered this game today, and I adore it. The weird humor (this is EXACTLY my shit ♥♥♥) the way the state of the Girlswamp slowly dawned on me... it hits home hard sometimes.

Thank you for this game. There's a lot more to see here, yet, and I want to see ALL of it. ♥

OK, that helped. Haven't gotten it working on the example map, quite, but I was able to get everything going for the map I'm working on, which is the important bit. Thank you, and I appreciate the help!

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When I open the example file, Tiled asks me to help it find some files I don't have--specifically, tileset data files for the roads and rivers. I only have the base images, and I don't know how to reconstruct what it wants. Please help! ;_;