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so how is this an idle game exactly? there is no upgrade system.; all you do is basically remove things.

are you really this stupid to post a game about slavery?

doesnt seem to want to load thats really sad

for a game with music that gets annoying after awhile it is decent to kill about 10 minutes, just glad i completed it so i dont have to hear the music again 

good choice of muic hard to understand in the beginning. couldnt harvest grass after getting the second tomb stone 

what is this a meme? I have to wait five minutes to be able to jump? one of the worst idle games ive played thus far on this site, hope it gets fixed 

just stuck at the hello my name is skippy....

not an idle game in the slightest, there is no upgrade menu, the boops dont work when you touch the nose. This game is miscatogorized and will be reported 

report it

page crashes upon startup 

i feel that if you were to release a game even in early access you would want to make sure that your program is literate enough for the users. Otherwise a really good game

so no upgrade system?

make it playable on here. 1/10 for effort

not as much as I would get if I was milking you :)

eh ive seen better glad i wasted 5 mins on it 

zzzz little to do

shouldnt you take it down then? and not release it till its finished?

eh takes you to other pages some of the pages barely work as is

game doesnt even launch 

have clicked over 100 times but there is nothing happening no bar raising nothing, hope this gets fixed

10/10 so much fun i completely enjoy how long this is I can just let it idle and do my work 

english version please 

boring having to click just to have the letters type out suchs a snore fest

try adding things for people to interact with, not just stare at a screen 


tap the gift boxes to open them.... ive tapped plenty of times and nother has happened

really confusing tutorial followed it to the letter and still wasnt able to submit my poew

fun little game...if you wanted to polish it...then go back at a later date and polish it 

I wouldnt of replied if I hadnt now would I?

this game sucks

did you extract it?

how do I update my game so I can fight the new bosses?

game doesnt work

finally good to run into a clicker game with music, decent game for a start deff needs better upgrades and more themes. A bug fix is needed so that you cant purchase the same theme over and over. Also after you buy one of the upgrades such as employee or manager you should make it go up in price