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confusing controls confusing tutorial, if it got better controls i would stiuck around to play 

why is this considered an idle game exactly? i dont see any upgrades 

not idle at all dont know why its in the category to begin with. no upgrade system that is shown. Am very displeased with this

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nothing like ripping the quack sound from duck game

kinda boring bought a few robots 

1/10 graphics bring me back to retro days however you can fall out of the map, there is no tutorial no idle whatsoever, there is no upgrade system. Those are just some basic things that are needed in an idle game

is there an english version?

make money fall asleep quit game repeat

Shows alot of promise, to hard in the beginning with no instructions, wish upgrading was easier 

oh look another cookie clicker rip-off 1/10 BORING

so just clicking with no upgrades? kinda lame to be honest

interesting game to bad the idea was ripped from an already released mobile game

so how is this an idle game exactly? there is no upgrade system.; all you do is basically remove things.

doesnt seem to want to load thats really sad

for a game with music that gets annoying after awhile it is decent to kill about 10 minutes, just glad i completed it so i dont have to hear the music again 

good choice of muic hard to understand in the beginning. couldnt harvest grass after getting the second tomb stone 

what is this a meme? I have to wait five minutes to be able to jump? one of the worst idle games ive played thus far on this site, hope it gets fixed 

just stuck at the hello my name is skippy....

report it

page crashes upon startup 

i feel that if you were to release a game even in early access you would want to make sure that your program is literate enough for the users. Otherwise a really good game

so no upgrade system?

make it playable on here. 1/10 for effort

not as much as I would get if I was milking you :)

eh ive seen better glad i wasted 5 mins on it 

shouldnt you take it down then? and not release it till its finished?

eh takes you to other pages some of the pages barely work as is

game doesnt even launch 

have clicked over 100 times but there is nothing happening no bar raising nothing, hope this gets fixed