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The visuals of this game are amazing, and the music fits perfectly the tone. I have enjoyed it, although i think it's got some flaws.


(first, I'd like to apologize for my crappy English. I'm not a native speaker)

Sometimes it's not clear what you are choosing with the dialogue options: For example, when she asked about her pants, I said that I had threw them off the window because I thought it was a joke, so when I discovered that I was choosing what actually had happened, it was stunning for me, but not in the right sense. It was kind of disappointing.

On another ocassion, after choosing another option, some years passed. It felt really weird that what seemed a few weeks then turned into years. It may seem like it fits the game because "when you are with that person, you lose track of time", but the character you are controlling is completely conscious about the years passing. Maybe it would be better to realize that years have passed with some twitst, I think it would fit better the point of the game.

Also, I didn't fully understand what exactly happens when the character shows his friend the pic of "the girl you have been meeting" on the phone and then it's just you alone. I kind of understood that you were having a bad time and were hallucinating, but that clashes with the previous part in whic you say you are calm and your mind is clear. I don't know, I got a little lost there.

However, it's got some kind of "feeling" to it. After I finished it for the first time, I played it again twice and got different endings. I specially liked the one in which you trust your friend to help you out of your situation. I would gladly play a game like this, with a more complex, elaborated story, and some mechanic to spice it up.