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Some comments which will help out with the game

Bugs Found:

1. The cylinder pillar does not kill the player but blocks the player from advancing, thus creating a point exploit.

2. The rectangular cubic pillar has no hitboxes thus allowing the player to phase through it.

3. The red obstacles only has hitbox in front but not at the side  

4 . The infected man sitting down has hitboxes only in the center of the cube.

Artistic Side:

1. There is a section which has no texture, just a white floor.

2. The red obstacles dosen't quite tie with the theme of infected surfaces (unless that is a ancient chinese coffin ) (These are all just what I think, others might have other opinion)

3. Is the cube of the infected man sitting down supposed to be there.


Quite challanging, the timing and reation factor is crucial to progress through the game.

It would be more better if there is more diversity in props and obstacle placement.

Overall : 

Still can be improved by fixing bugs and adding missing texture, can plan on adding more variations to obstacle placement.


For a game that is made out in 2 days, I am quite impressed by the feat to make a playable game, keep up the good work, good job for a game jam game, I'll rate 4 out of 5 for this game, quite enjoyable for me trying to get high score officially.